Valentine’s Day: 18 Most Memorable Disney Kisses — in Action (GIFs!)

For many children, their introduction to romance is through a Disney movie, whether it’s Prince Charming waltzing with Cinderella, the heroic Prince saving Snow White’s life with a kiss, or the transformational power of love portrayed in Beauty and the Beast. These touching moments are indelibly etched into our minds at a young age. Girls around the globe dream of being swept off their feet by their own Prince Charming or kissing a frog only to discover true love.

In celebration of Valentine’s Day and the unforgettable romance found in Disney movies, here is a collection of the 18 most memorable Disney kisses — in ACTION! Check them out here:

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    We've rounded up the 18 most memorable Disney kisses! Which one is your favorite?

  • The FIRST Disney Kiss EVER 2 of 19

    Yes, Snow White featured the very first Disney feature film kiss, and what a kiss it was. It was, in fact, so powerful that it saved Snow White's life!


    Photo Source: Disney via Wifflegifs

  • The Kiss That’s Like a Cup of Coffee 3 of 19

    Princess Aurora was fast asleep when the Prince laid a kiss on her that had the effect of an entire pot of coffee.


    Photo Source: Disney via SodaHead

  • The Cutest Canine Kiss 4 of 19

    This has got to be one of the cutest kisses ever, especially since it was totally unintentional.


    Photo Source: Disney via Giphy

  • The Aquatic Kiss 5 of 19

    The best part of this lip lock is the eye contact between Ariel and Prince Eric at the end. Now that is a kiss of true love!


    Photo Source: Disney via Wifflegit

  • The Peckish Kiss 6 of 19

    This first kiss between Cinderella and her Prince Charming might be quick, but it means EVERYTHING.


    Photo Source: Disney via rtylering


  • The Transformational Kiss 7 of 19

    A kiss can be so powerful that it changes everything, and in the case of the Beast, that means his entire physical form and being.


    Photo Source: Disney via Wifflegif

  • The Girl Power Kiss 8 of 19

    Rapunzel represents a newer kind of Disney Princess — one who doesn't wait to be kissed! If she wants her man, she'll get him!


    Photo Source: Disney via Awesome Disney And Anime

  • The Worried Kiss 9 of 19

    This is one of those heartfelt, concerned, "Will he make it?" kisses. Pocahontas is really feeling it.


    Photo Source: Disney via Wikilove

  • The Wedding Kiss 10 of 19

    When Prince Naveen and Tiana first kissed, he was in the form of a frog. This human kiss, which follows their frog wedding kiss, is one of happiness and wedded bliss.


    Photo Source: Disney via Degrassi

  • The Surprise Kiss 11 of 19

    Meg surprises the strapping Hercules with a passionate smooch, and it doesn't look like he minds.


    Photo Source: Disney via Classic Disney Tumblr

  • The Sultry Kiss 12 of 19

     Jasmine gives Aladdin quite the sultry look after their first kiss. Wowza!


    Photo Source: Disney via Definite Disneynerd

  • The Wet Kiss 13 of 19

    There is something super romantic about the rain. And this kiss between Gisele and Robert in Enchanted shows that they can get through anything.


    Photo Source: Disney via F-Enchanted

  • The Distraction Kiss 14 of 19

    Elizabeth Swann knows how to play a man. In Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest, she distracts Jack Sparrow with a VERY passionate kiss while handcuffing him to the ship's mast. Yes, she's a sneaky one!


    Photo Source: Disney via Fanpop

  • The Senior Moment Kiss 15 of 19

    The love story in Up, albeit short, is so incredibly touching and sweet — especially this tender peck!


    Photo Source: Disney/Pixar via onejourneyintoeternity

  • The Frisky Kiss 16 of 19

     Nala is pretty frisky when she gives Simba a surprise lick. The look on his face is unforgettable!


    Photo Source: Disney via Gif Me More Tumblr

  • The Cradle Kiss 17 of 19

    There is something so romantic about how Tarzan grabs Jane's face, cradling it as he kisses her.


    Photo Source: Disney via Disney Goes the Distance

  • The Eskimo Kiss 18 of 19

    This may be a platonic kiss between Tiger Lily and Peter Pan, but it's still adorable!


    Photo Source: Disney via Wifflegif

  • The Accidental Kiss 19 of 19

    Bambi seems totally shocked by his first kiss with Faline, an accidental but still adorable one.


    Photo Source: Disney via Miss Dixie Darlin'

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