Vintage Spotlight: 25 Classic Disney Lunch Boxes

The back-to-school season is upon us. Time to get back into the routine of early bedtimes, homework, and the ever so awesome task of making lunches for the kiddos. If you make your kids lunch every single day, I tip my hat to you. If I had to make lunch for my kids every day they went to school, they would SO be tired of ham and cheese sandwiches.

If you took lunch to school and had a nifty Disney lunch box to show off, I want to personally invite you to take a look back at 25 classic Disney lunch boxes. You just might recognize one!

  • Vintage Lunch Boxes! 1 of 26
    classic disney lunchboxes

    If packing a lunch is on your schedule, take a look at these Ãœber adorable lunch boxes from yesteryear!

  • Pinocchio Lunch Pail 2 of 26
    Pinocchio lunchbox

    This lunch box just screams adorable. This is circa 1940!

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  • Disney School Bus Lunch Box 3 of 26
    school bus lunchbox

    This sweet lunch box has a lot of Disney charm! Even Morty and Ferdie Fieldmouse are on here! Cool!

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  • Walt Disney World Lunch Box 4 of 26
    walt disney world mickey lunch box

    Back in 1970, no trip to Walt Disney World was complete without a lunch box souvenir!

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  • Snow White Lunch Box 5 of 26
    snow white lunch box

    This is too sweet. I love everything about this lunch box!

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  • Disney Express Lunch Box 6 of 26
    disney express lunchbox

    Another lunch box, circa 1979, has a lot of favorite characters, including Huey, Dewey, and Louie!

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  • Rare Vintage Mickey Lunch Box 7 of 26
    Mickey lunchbox

    Traveling back to the 1950s, this lunch box has Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck's nephews, and Pluto!

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  • Pinocchio Red and Blue Lunch Box 8 of 26
    Pinocchio  2 lunchbox

    I like the color combos on this lunch box. The thermos is super cute, too!

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  • Jungle Book Lunch Box 9 of 26
    jungle book lunch box

    All together now, awwwwww! Tell me you had this lunch box back in 1968! Please! I love it!

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  • Walt Disney’s Wonderful World 10 of 26
    world of disney lunchbox

    Another lunch box from Disney Parks! Check out the Skyway attraction from Disneyland in the background!

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  • Mickey Mouse Club Lunch Box 11 of 26
    mickey mouse club lunchbox

    Calling all Mouseketeers! If you had your ears in 1977, then I'm sure you had this lunch box!

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  • Mickey Mouse Club 1963 12 of 26
    Disney lunchbox

    This is one of my favorites. I love that the Three Little Pigs are on the lunch box.

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  • Donald Duck Lunch Box 13 of 26
    donald duck lunchbox

    Donald Duck and his nephews are the theme on this adorable lunch box!

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  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 14 of 26
    walt disney world lunchbox

    Another one of my favorites from all the lunch boxes! It has the Mickey Mouse Club logo painted on the door!

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  • Magic Kingdom Lunch Box 15 of 26
    magic kingdom lunch box

    Several Magic Kingdom attractions make a cameo on this lunch box from the '80s. Can you name them all?

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  • Monstro Lunch Box 16 of 26
    montros lunchbox

    One of Pinocchio's scariest scenes is on this 1971 lunch box. Still, I think it's sweet!

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  • Jiminy Cricket Lunch Box 17 of 26
    jiminy cricket lunch box

    This hard-to-find lunch box is perfect for any Disney fanatic's collection!

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  • Robin Hood Lunch Box 18 of 26
    robin hood lunchbox

    If the '70s weren't stylish enough, carrying around a Robin Hood lunch box would've ensured your spot as Most Likely to Succeed!

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  • Disney Firefighters Lunch Box 19 of 26
    firefighter mickey lunchbox

    This is going waaaaaaay back! Take a look at the Mickey from 1969!

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  • The Rescuers Lunch Box 20 of 26
    the rescuers down under lunchbox

    I think this lunch box from the '70s would fit perfectly in 2013. I love the picture of a sad looking Penny that is on the cover.

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  • Dumbo Lunch Box 21 of 26
    dumbo lunch box

    I think anything with Dumbo on its cover automatically qualifies as just plain adorable!

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  • Disneyland Lunch Box 22 of 26
    disneyland lunch box

    A lunch box from the past! This picturesque image from the '60s captures some of Disneyland's popular attractions!

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  • Jungle Cruise Lunch Box 23 of 26
    disneyland jungle cruise lunchbox

    You were able to take the memories of visiting the park with this lunch box that dates back to 1959!

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  • King of the Wild Frontier Lunch Box 24 of 26
    frontierland lunchbox

    I'm sure this was popular with the boys! Did you have this lunch box? Come on! Fess up!

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  • Peter Pan Lunch Box 25 of 26
    peter pan lunch bpx

    Fly away to 1969 with Peter Pan, Wendy, John, and Michael!

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  • Mickey and Minnie Lunch Box 26 of 26
    mickey and minnie lunchbox

    Here it is. My favorite lunch box. Mickey and Minnie are so cute! LOVE!

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I have to confess that I almost bought two boxes as I was searching through eBay. My husband saw me reach for my purse. He stopped me dead in my tracks.

Too bad he had to work today! HA!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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