10 TV and Movie Box Sets To Snuggle Up To This Winter…

So it’s that time of year again – yay! When out come the blankets and the logs for the fire, and the open-toed shoes are thrown to the back of the wardrobe. Not for all you lucky ducks who live in warmer climes obviously – and all those antipodeans who are just hitting spring. But for us here in the UK – it is gettin’ cold! I for one, am delighted. No more having to have perfectly tanned de-fuzzed legs, having to squeeze into a bikini, or trying to keep cool as your makeup runs off your face! Instead it’s time to hide under huge jumpers and clomp around in winter boots. To grab the Halloween decorations and rustle up some hearty stews and soups. All I want to do is nest, eat, and never leave the house again until spring.

But what to do as those long winter nights come creeping in? Flicking through all the channels I’m accosted by films that I’ve seen, tired game shows, and terrible reality rubbish. I want a good old drama to sink my teeth into – or some comedy gold to chortle at. Stuff that makes me want to watch more, and more and more…

So here it is – my guide to the 10 best box sets out there. Now you might disagree, or think that some of the list are obvious. BUT I threw in a few that you might not have heard of on your side of the pond…

Go on – have a read. It’ll be spring before you know it!

  • Friday Night Lights 1 of 10
    fnl box

    My love for Friday Night Lights knows no bounds. In the fictional town of Dillon, Texas, all that matters is the Friday night football game, as new coach Eric Taylor and his wife Tammy soon discover. The tagline is "Life is not a game" - and thankfully this holds true, as the most exciting journeys take place OFF the field. I still have no clue what the rules of American football are - but no matter - this series, is hand on heart, the most favorite of my life. When Season 5 ended, I was a sobbing mess - as was bitter UK critic Giles Coren who wrote this piece about how much he loves the show. The writers are the best I have ever watched. Jason Katims is nothing but a genius. Enjoy and thank me later.  

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  • The Killing (Original Danish Version) 2 of 10
    the killing

    In a word: thrilling. And that isn't just Detective Lund's amazing jumpers. This series is one that you will be watching for 2 days straight and begging through droopy lids to continue watching. The premise is simple - Detective Inspector Sarah Lund is looking forward to her last day with the Copenhagen police force, planning to move to Sweden with her fiancé. However, everything changes when a 19-year old woman, Nanna Birk Larsen, disappears only to be found brutally murdered. Sarah is forced to head the investigation as it soon becomes clear that she and her colleague Meyer are chasing a very intelligent and dangerous murderer... TRUST me... This is the most thrilling crime drama ever to have landed in your DVD player - cancel all plans and order in a LOT of pizza. It's gonna be a long night. 

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  • This is England ’86 and ’88 3 of 10
    this is england

    To be fair, it might take you yanks a wee while to understand what everyone here is saying. Shane Meadows wrote this incredible 4-part series following his film of the same name, with the majority of his original cast returning. It's now 1986, the World Cup is on in Mexico, unemployment is above 3 million, and the unforgettable group of friends face a difficult journey into adulthood. Funny, raw, honest, and at times brutal to watch, this is mesmerizing television. The next eps are the Xmas of '88 - and at the time I remember thinking there was no point in watching any other festive tv, as this 3-parter was simply perfect. Vicky McClure as Lol is just incredible. BAFTA winning stuff!

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  • The Sopranos 4 of 10

    I have to admit I missed the series that revolutionized TV drama the first time round. But when a channel here in the UK started showing an ep a week, I faithfully watched for well over a year, having hopelessly fallen in love with the Soprano family. For anyone who has yet to dive in - I envy you. How you'll get to bond with Tony, Sil, and Paulie and the boys. Your sessions with Tony and the uber smart Dr. Melfi, the family meals with Carmela, Anthony Jr, Meadow and crazy Aunt Janice and the gang... My favorite season has to be 3 - even if I did find it perhaps more brutal than the rest - but there is much to love along the way... In fact, I've missed these guys so much, I may just dig my box set out and begin all over again... 

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  • Twin Peaks 5 of 10
    twin peaks

    My Husband wouldn't let me write this piece without including David Lynch's cult favorite. Back in 1991 we all became obsessed with who killed Laura Palmer? Took a l-o-o-o-o-o-n-g time to find out - but wasn't it worth it? Every boy fell in love with Sherilyn Fenn and every girl had the hots for Dana Ashbrook... Meanwhile an earnest FBI agent Dale Cooper is tasked with solving the murder that grips the residents of Twin Peaks. In true Lynch style, the show represents an earnest moral inquiry distinguished by both weird humor and a deep vein of surrealism. Quirky yet unforgettable - this is like nothing you have ever seen. 

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  • The Inbetweeners 6 of 10

    British juvenile humour at its best. It is HILARIOUS. I never get tired of watching this over and over again... The show follows the life of suburban teenager Will and three of his new friends at the fictional Rudge Park Comprehensive. The episodes involve situations of school bullying, broken family life, indifferent school staff, and largely failed attempts at wooing girls. Remember your most embarrassing moments of teen life - well they are all here - and much much worse. These boys are so far removed from the word "cool," they couldn't even spell it. After watching though, you will have a whole new vocabulary...

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  • Mad Men 7 of 10

    At the heart of Mad Men is Don Draper, the creative director at Sterling Cooper and a founding partner at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. If there has ever been a more engaging and enigmatic character, well, you tell me!  On the surface this creative genius looks like he has it all - sexy job, sexy wife, sexy life - but underneath those still waters runs a deep deep water of darkness.... Meanwhile Don's coworkers are providing loads of drama themselves - in this buttoned up time when women were second class citizens. I'm on Season 2 and dream of a day when my family decides to take a 24-hour vacation so I can curl up and finish this set and begin Season 3. A slow starter - but stick with it - you'll be hooked in no time!

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  • Sex and the City 8 of 10
    SATC box

    I am unashamed at my love for all things SATC - bar the movies, which are woeful. Season 1 includes the annoying pieces talking to the camera, and hasn't quite found it's feet yet - but by Season 2 things get great! Based on the lives of 4 single women in NYC, trying to find love in a dating minefield. There's writer Carrie who has a better and more reliable shoe collection than love life; lawyer Miranda whose directness and inability to date anyone less successful than her isn't doing her any favors; Charlotte who dreams of being swept away by a handsome prince; and Samantha who prefers no strings attached - too many men, too little time. Possibly the show will have dated, but in its heyday it was groundbreaking - tackling issues and subjects that had previously been seen as taboo. Grab a cosmopolitan and kick off your Manolos and enjoy!

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  • Alan Partridge 9 of 10

    Never heard of Steve Coogan's phenomenal character Alan Partridge? Where have you been?? Alan is a disc jockey and ex-tv host with blazing ambition and absolutely NO talent. But Alan, he thinks he is brilliant. There are echoes of David Brent in Alan's observations and the way he interacts with the world. Partridge will go down in history as one of the greatest comedy creations of all time. If you don't laugh at this, I am tempted to offer you your money back. 

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  • Damages 10 of 10

    Looking back on my blog - I described the first series of Damages as 'flawless.' It was nothing short of amazing - with more twists and turns amidst the harrowing flashbacks than you could shake a stick at. Season 2 took a dip for me, but Season 3 was back in riveting form! The plot revolves around the brilliant, ruthless lawyer Patty Hewes, played by the always incredible Glenn Close, and her protégée, recent law school graduate Ellen Parsons played by Aussie actress Rose Byrne. Each season features a major case that Hewes and her firm take on, while also examining a chapter of the complicated relationship between Ellen and Patty. Miss this at your peril!!

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