13 Jimmy Fallon Video Clips To Make Your Day


Jimmy Fallon had another brush with viral video adorableness today, appearing with The Roots and many, many Muppets in a performance of the Sesame Street theme song that I watched as soon as a critical mass of my Facebook friends shared it and said it made their day. I suggest that you prepare for the cute before you watch it, because it’s more or less out of control.

Sometimes it feels like Fallon is everywhere on my Internet, which is fine with me. He’s funny, he seems really nice, and he brings a lot of Justin Timberlake into my life, which is really never a bad thing. (Thanks, Jimmy Fallon.) This week the Fallon video love was in overdrive. First there was the Timberlake/Fallon #Hashtag video, a hilariously, potentially painfully true take on Twitter.

Yesterday, social media went nutty for another feature from Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, a lip sync battle between Joseph Gordon Levitt, Stephen Merchant, and Jimmy himself. This, too, is awesome, and not just because Stephen Merchant killed on “Superbass” and “Single Ladies.” (He does a mean Beyonce dance interpretation.)

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And then came Sesame Street.

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I’ve watched and rewatched Fallon videos since I laughed myself silly over him and JT on Saturday Night Live‘s Barry Gibb Talk Show sketches, and he’s really taken off on his own on Late Night. Here are ten of the best Fallon clips that have been watched by many, many millions of people. They may even be worth a second peek if you’ve seen them before. They collectively made my week.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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