10 John Lennon Songs to Sing with Kids

Earlier this week Yoko Celebrated what would have been her 44th wedding anniversary with John Lennon. Yoko observed the day by tweeting an anti gun violence message that included a photograph of her late husband’s glasses from the day he died.

When I look back on the life of John Lennon I think about all of the brilliant songs he brought into the world. I remember singing so many of these songs with my Mother when I was a little girl and now I sing them with my son. One of the first songs I remember quietly humming to my son on the day he was born was Lennon’s Beautiful Boy.

These songs are timeless and special and there is really nothing quite like overhearing your child humming Imagine.

What is your favorite John Lennon Song?

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    John Lennon Songs
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  • Beautiful Boy 2 of 11
    Beautiful Boy

    The day my son was born I sang Beautiful Boy to him and wept. I sing it now to him as a lullaby.

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  • Just Like Starting Over 3 of 11
    Just Like Starting Over

    I sing the first lines of  Just Like Starting Over to my son all the time. "Our life together is so precious together..." 

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  • Give Peace a Chance 4 of 11
    Give Peace a Chance

    Want to start a clap and dance session in your living room? Put on Give Peace a Chance and you are set.

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  • Happy Xmas 5 of 11
    Happy Xmas

    Happy Xmas is a powerful song with a serious message. It's a great song to sing with your kids and an even greater method to teach your children some important concepts of generosity. 

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  • Instant Karma 6 of 11
    Instant Karma

    Looking for a way to introduce the concept of karma to your kids? Why not start with Instant Karma? By the time "we all shine on" chimes in all is well. 

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  • Nobody Told Me 7 of 11
    Nobody Told Me

    Nobody Told Me was Lennon's last single to reach the top 10 before he died. Whenever something silly happens like the vacum bag exploding or the cat does a flip and we fall down laughing and exclaim, "most peculiar Mama!"

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  • Hold On 8 of 11
    Hold On

    You know how there are songs perfect for a lazy Sunday morning? Hold On is one of those songs. Special bonus? In the middle of the song John does a Cookie Monster impression. 

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  • Jealous Guy 9 of 11
    Jealous Guy

    There this part in Jealous Guy that always pops in my head when my son is hurt or sad. You know the part when John sings that he is sorry? Gets me every time. 

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  • Watching the Wheels 10 of 11
    Watching the Wheels

    I know it's silly, but we like to sing Watching the Wheels when we are stuck in traffic and watching lots of cars zoom by. "I'm just sitting here watching the wheels go round and round, I really love to watch them roll..."

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  • Imagine 11 of 11

    I weep even thinking about the brilliance behind Imagine. "You, you may say 
    I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one..."

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