10 Famous Personalities to Follow on Twitter for Humor, Inspiration, and More!

Initially, I was quite reluctant to get involved with Twitter. I just didn’t get it. Who wants to hear about what Katy Perry had for breakfast? Well, turns out quite a lot of people do …

But that isn’t the joy of Twitter. Someone once compared it to being at a party and having loads of fab people to chat with … but online. The more I use it — and dip in and out as the time/mood takes me — the more I realize just how great it is.

News stories break on Twitter. Reactions to those news stories are immediate on Twitter. We all know what’s important (or at the least, amusing) depending on what is trending on the site. Friendships are formed, alliances made. Recently, a friend of mine was desperately searching for her mother who suffers from the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease; she had gone missing earlier that day whilst out walking her dogs. My buddy tweeted this, and it was retweeted and retweeted until a kind woman saw it and remembered seeing a lady walking her dogs a few hours previously. She jumped in her car, retraced her journey, and found my friend’s mum. Every time I think of that story, it brings tears to my eyes — the day that Twitter brought my friend’s mum home.

I’m still getting used to the lingo and how to best use hashtags and how to express myself in 140 characters (not easy for the Irish girl who chats a glass eye to sleep). But one thing I know is this: for me, Twitter isn’t about what I say — it is about what I learn from those I follow.

So, here are 10 people to follow on Twitter for everything from daily jokes and inspirational quotes to great political commentary and the latest in fashion. And if there are more I should be following — and I’m sure there are tons — then holler @crummymummywd !

  • Ellen DeGeneres | Follow for a good joke 1 of 10

    I just adore Ellen's tweets — super funny with a heart of gold. Whether it is #classicjokewednesday, sending love to those in Oz surviving bush fires, or celebrating a celeb's wedding/birthday/engagement/birth, Ellen is right on it! If there ever was a celeb that feels like one of us, it is her. Self-deprecating and incredibly thoughtful, it's like we are sitting right next to her!

    Follow on Twitter: @TheEllenShow


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  • Caitlin Moran | Follow for a feminist’s viewpoint on world events 2 of 10
    caitlin 2

    If you haven't heard of CatMo, then let me introduce you. She is a mother, writer, broadcaster and all around good egg. She wrote a book, How to Be a Woman, which describes how to best be a feminist in this century. Stop waxing yourself to oblivion is a key factor. Caitlin comments on news, articles, TV shows, her life — basically anything and everything. In 140 characters, she manages to sum up what EVERYONE is thinking ... if everyone was smart and funny. 

    Follow on Twitter: @Caitlinmoran


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  • Ronan Farow | Follow for political commentary with a side of dry humor 3 of 10

    Ronan Farrow, human rights activist and journalist, is the son of Woody Allen and Mia Farrow. He joined the Obama administration and was appointed the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's Special Adviser for Global Youth Issues. But don't be fooled by his political pedigree — he is also hilarious! His dry sense of humor means when rumors circulated that his father might be Frank Sinatra, he tweeted, "Listen, we're all *possibly* Frank Sinatra's son." Amazing. 

    Follow on Twitter: @Ronanfarrow


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  • Upworthy | Follow for inspiration to be a better person 4 of 10

    I heart Upworthy and the founders: Eli Pariser and Peter Koechley. I first discovered the site when a mate posted a Tim Minchin piece on Facebook. It was just so brilliant that I checked out who had discovered it — and it was Upworthy. The ethos is "things that matter - pass 'em on." A quick glance at Upworthy and you feel grateful for what you have, inspired to be a better person, and hopeful that the world can change. What else can give you all that? 

    Follow on Twitter: @Upworthy 


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  • Victoria Beckham | Follow for the latest and greatest in fashion 5 of 10
    vikki beckham

    Who knew that VB has a sense of humor? She does! She calls her followers fashion bunnies and uploads pics of doughnuts — although she stops short of showing us her actually eating them... Get the lowdown on her fashionista life and the latest news in the fashion world, as well as what it is like to live with her Golden Balls Becks and her brood of 4. How does she do it? 

    Follow on Twitter: @Victoriabeckham 


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  • Dalai Lama | Follow for inspiration to create a better world 6 of 10

    In the midst of your crazy life, take a moment to step out, breathe, and read some posts from the amazing Dalai Lama. He reminds us all how to live a better life and how to create a better world. This sounds all terribly serious and worthy on a Tuesday morning, but it isn't. It just warms the cockles of your heart. Look how happy our future king is being in his presence!

    Follow on Twitter: @DalaiLama 


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  • Stephen Fry | Follow to learn about great new authors and musicians 7 of 10

    Actor, writer, broadcaster, presenter, author, poet activist, and brilliant brilliant man, Stephen Fry is the UK's national treasure. He has over 6 million Twitter followers and millions more who love his dulcet tones and soothing manner. His Twitter feed is a smorgasbord of championing wonderful causes, highlighting great writers and musicians to check out, and sharing witty musings and warm tidings — all told in his inimitable style. Day 1 on Twitter, and I followed him.

    Follow on Twitter: @Stephenfry 


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  • Boy George | Follow to learn about great new artists 8 of 10
    boy george 2

    '80s superstar Boy George has been to hell and back — and still retains a sense of humor. Sassy, snarky, and super smart, George tells it LIKE IT IS. And he also replies — as he did to me last week! *Beams* Whether he is meeting his hero Patti Smith, holding a small gig, or championing a new artist, George has more passion in his little finger than most folks have in their whole body. Follow him, I dare you!

    Follow on Twitter: @Boygeorge


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  • Oprah | Follow for inspirational quotes 9 of 10
    oprah and jamie

    I worship at the altar of all things Oprah, so naturally I am a follower of hers on Twitter. I love the behind-the-scenes shots, her generous wishes to others to have great birthdays, inspirational quotes, and intimate pics of her making French toast in her PJs. Oprah is the queen of sharing and wishing everyone a #supersoulsunday. Get a heart, get involved, get to following Oprah. 

    Follow on Twitter: @Oprah 


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  • Ricky Gervais | Follow for hilarious Twitter wars on a daily basis 10 of 10

    Forgive the fact that he only follows 11 people, 9 of them having something to do with him, and instead focus on his brilliant one liners, daily Twitter wars, and unending self promotion. I promise it's funny. There is more than a whiff of David Brent (the original and better, frankly, UK version) about him, but that is what makes him so entertaining. Go forth and argue ... 

    Follow on Twitter: @rickygervais 


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