10 Suggested Baby Names For Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Everyone and her sister knows by now that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West welcomed a daughter over Father’s Day weekend. But what about a baby name? Now we wait impatiently to hear what they’ll name the baby — so far only known as Baby Girl Kardashian-West.

Will they go for a K name, as is the Kardashian family tradition? That seems safe to say, but Kanye is the ultimate game changer and Kim tends to follow her own drumbeat, too, so don’t count on the k-status quo from these two. While Kim and Kanye decide on the perfect time to introduce their little girl to the world, let’s consider some name options for this summer’s most famous baby.

  • Khloe 1 of 10

    As a new aunt myself I'm probably biased, but a baby name homage to Auntie Khloe, the lady keeping the Twitter hordes calm for the moment, seems like a sweet idea: 

    "I can not even begin 2 describe the miracle that is now a part of our family. Mommy/baby are healthy &resting. We appreciate all of the love."

    This is a definite way to encouraging Khloe and Lamar to babysit, just saying. 

  • Kardashian 2 of 10

    Call me crazy, but is there more of an iconic name in pop culture than the last K name that spawned this television, fashion, and music empire? 

    Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, and Rob's dad - Robert Kardashian - died ten years ago this upcoming September. Memorializing him in this way (perhaps in combination with Kanye's mother, Donda, who passed away in 2007? Or with a variation like Kardashiana?) would be a very, well, Kardashian-West thing to do. 

  • Kris 3 of 10

    What's good for the grandpa is good for the grandma, and no one has had Kim and Kanye's back like Kardashian-Jenner family matriarch Kris Jenner. Krista, Kristian, or some other variation on Kris would work fine here, too. The name might not be flashy, but it's solid, and they can always jazz up the middle name (s) to suit it. I'd expect some variation of Donda to make an appearance here, too. 

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  • Heron 4 of 10

    Kanye names activist Gil Scott-Heron as a role model, and while Gil may not work for his baby girl, Heron would be a graceful name for the next in line. 

  • Atlanta 5 of 10

    Kanye was born in the capital of Georgia, and while he left when he was 3 years old, Atlanta West still has a nice ring to it, no? 


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  • Z 6 of 10

    This is strictly fantasy on my part, I'm sure, but given Kanye's close relationship with Jay-Z, to the point that he acknowledges he and Beyonce as family to he and Kim? Let's just say it would be fun to have a little girl Z (or Zee, or Jay, for that matter, but that's a big long shot) running around. 

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  • Kqueen 7 of 10

    Pardon my suggested spelling, but royalty is all the rage in baby names, and if there is a baby to take the throne, as it were, it's Kanye and Kim's little girl. The name "King" is the seventh-fastest growing in the United States, according to the Social Security Administration, so there's no reason why baby Kardashian-West can't claim her crown as well. I'm sure Mommy would approve. 

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  • Khristian 8 of 10

    Yeezus isn't the best name option for a little girl in my opinion, but Kanye and Kim may have his blockbuster summer album on their minds when they name their little girl. Khristian (get it, Christian? Jesus? Yeezus?) fits the theme quite nicely.

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  • Kadence 9 of 10

    It's lyrical. It's got two syllables. It starts with a K. It's all in there. "Cadence" refers to the "melodic and/or harmonic configuration at the end of a phrase, section, or piece of music." So if Kanye and Kim go the K-route, this popular girls name in the U.S. is a strong contender. 

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  • Kanye 10 of 10

    So it's not technically a girls name, but it's Kanye, so does it really matter?

    Enough said. 


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