10 Telltale Signs Your House Is Haunted

October is terrifying because, well come on, Halloween. There’s a distinct chill in the air. The leaves are falling wistfully from their branches. The whole thing reeks of hauntedness, frankly.

Sure, costumes and trick-or-treating are all fun and games, but let’s get to the heart of the matter. Halloween is based on All Hallow’s Eve, a pagan celebration of THE DEAD. That’s right. Dead people. And where there are dead people, there are hauntings. Why? How should I know. Do I look like the medium in Poltergeist?  (Please say no.)

Some say the undead are benevolent, but restless. Some say they have unfinished business. And some say they are evil and want to kill you because you’re alive and they’re mad that they’re dead. Whatever the case, you don’t want to take any chances.

Do you think your house might be haunted? Are creaks and moans keeping you up at night? Here are 10 telltale signs that your house is haunted.

  • Is Your House Haunted? 1 of 11

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  • A Stash of Prosthetics 2 of 11

    An errant prosthetic arm or leg is nothing to be concerned about, but if you find a whole stash of prosthetics in your attic, your house could be haunted. Sure, there could be other non-haunted reasons for limbs to be held hostage in your house, but I can't really think of any ... can you?


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  • Reflectionless Mirrors 3 of 11

    Whenever you pass a mirror in your house, you should check your reflection. If you don't have one, that's a problem. It means you have unwittingly become a vampire and you are probably about to make me one. Get away from me.


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  • A Vast Pumpkin Patch 4 of 11

    Pumpkin patches are deceptively quaint, but really they are harbingers of evil. Just ask Charlie Brown. And if you notice one on your property that you didn't plant, scan the horizon for witches and dial 911 immediately.


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  • Gargoyles 5 of 11

    I don't care how fancy or historical or charming you think they are, gargoyles are not your friend, man. See a few of these pop up on your property? Beware.


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  • You Have the 6th Sense 6 of 11

    If you have or someone you know has the 6th sense — you're in luck! Ghosts can't hide from the 6th sense. Of course, one could argue that it's much more frightening to KNOW ghosts are present rather than to simply SUSPECT they are present. Either way, seeing dead people in your home is a surefire sign it's haunted.


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  • Corpse in the Basement 7 of 11
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    If there's a corpse in your basement, like maybe slowly decomposing in a rocking chair in the corner, that's a problem. You pretty much don't want a corpse anywhere in your house if you want it NOT to be haunted.


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  • Heads Turn All the Way Around 8 of 11
    Screaming scared teenager boy

    Sometimes you like to just gaze into the eyes of your precious little snowflake child and think about how much you love them. If during that loving gaze your child spins his head all the way around beyond the bounds of normal neck-pivoting capacity, you've got a problem. Satanic possession, I'm guessing?


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  • Things Go Bump in the Night 9 of 11

    Did you hear that? Don't kid yourself. Your house is not just settling. Mysterious sounds in the night are a good sign your house is haunted. That bump you just heard? It was the headless horseman's head falling off. Move.


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  • Blood in the Tub 10 of 11
    After Bath Beauty

    Tub mysteriously filling up with blood when you're not looking? HAUNTED HOUSE.  It doesn't matter if it's spraying out of the shower or gurgling up from the drain. Get in your safe room, if you've got one.


    Discussion question: Can a "safe room" ever really be "safe" in a house that's haunted?


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  • You Live in Amityville 11 of 11

    Were you suckered in by a "fixer-upper" with no neighbors in Amityville? You're in trouble. Living in Amityville is actually the surest sign that your house is haunted. Nothing short of an exorcism is going to help.


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