You Can Now Buy the House from ’10 Things I Hate About You’ (for a Mere $1.6 Million)

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There are plenty of movie houses we all constantly ogled, even as kids. Houses you dreamed of one day growing up to be rich enough to live in. The Home Alone house was, of course, the ultimate dream pad. But then again, so was the house in Hocus Pocus … and OMG how much did you want to live in Cher’s Beverly Hills mansion in Clueless? (That double staircase!)

Another one you probably loved but have long-since forgotten since the ’90s was the house from 10 Things I Hate About You — which is apparently now on the market for a cool $1.6 million. (A drop in the bucket!)

In case you’re digging into the depths of your memory bank right now to try and rustle up what it looked like, allow me to jog your memory …

The Stratford house had that gorgeous wrap-around porch out front, where Kat (Julia Stiles) sat with a cup of tea and a journal in one scene.

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And you totally wanted to sunbathe on the roof deck where Kat and Bianca’s dad was working out when he accidentally sling-shotted his exercise band into the neighbor’s yard.

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The sprawling Victorian home boasts five bedrooms, four baths, and 5,760 square feet. And while you might recall that the 1999 film was supposed to be set in Seattle, Washington, the home actually sits in Tacoma, Washington, where it has some pretty gorgeous views of the Old Tacoma waterfront.

The interior comes packed with just as much character as the exterior, too. Built in 1907, it still has all the original woodwork and custom inlay hardwood floors, which were featured most memorably in the prom night scene, when the Stratford girls head out with their dates (while their dad proceeds to have a silent meltdown).

Image Source: Jeff Jensen
Image Source: Jeff Jensen

The home is being listed by Jeff Jensen Homes, and according to the website, it’s on the market for the first time in 30 years. But in addition to being totally gorgeous and spacious, it’s also got some major perks — like a wine cellar, hot tub, walk-in pantry and closet, and a high-tech security system.

Plus, you get to say you live in a home that’s a tiny piece of Hollywood history — where Heath Ledger himself once stood! (How cool is that?)

Image Source: Jeff Jensen
Image Source: Jeff Jensen

To check out the full listing (and plenty more photos), head over to JeffJensenHomes.com.

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