10 Weird Celebrity Crushes – Go On Admit Yours!

Do you ever get some weird, unexplainable, HUGE crush on a celebrity that you NEVER in a million years would normally fancy?

Of course you do, because you have a pulse.  Thing is, would you admit it to anyone?

Last night I had a dream about Robin Thicke, where I begged him to date me. He completely refused. He did however, give me a kite. Great. (This dream mirrors my entire teenage dating life, but that’s another story…). His rejection of me was so great that obviously I have woken up with a massive crush on him. Never particularly had any feelings before – now, unbelievably smitten. How did THAT happen??

So, it got me thinking of all the times I have heard someone say – sorry, whisper – their weird crush to me.

Someone not usually known for their stunning good looks…. Someone a bit off the beaten track so to speak… Someone that might provoke a few raised eyebrows if we were to suddenly cover our work stations/screen savers with pictures of them.

But I say, out your crush and be proud! There is nothing wrong with having a lone opinion. So check out the most popular odd celebrity crushes, from those I know in the UK. Or maybe it’s just us weird Brits who do this. You tell me!


  • Robin Thicke 1 of 10
    "Duets" star Robin Thicke arrives for an appearance on "Good Morning America" in New York City

    Ok, so maybe this crush isn't so weird... He is pretty hot. But that video goes against all my feminist principles and yet... Man, that dream was just TOO real.

  • Simon Cowell 2 of 10
    Simon Cowell arrives at the "Britain's Got Talent" auditions held at the London Palladium

    So this is weird, no? But women, they just can't get enough of Simon being, well, all Simon about things. He speaks his mind, is ragingly powerful, crushes people with one acidic comment, and has a great accent. Who cares about the waist high jeans and dodgy hair -- for some ladies, he is the ultimate crush.

  • John Malkovich 3 of 10
    John Malkovich at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Warm Bodies'

    Years ago I saw John in a play called Slip of the Tongue, on the London stage. In it, he seduced several women in true Viscount Dangerous Liaisons style. I swooned. I don't think I've ever quite given up my crush on him after ohhh... 20 years or so.  The casual sarcastic voice, the dry humor, the piercing eyes, and the sharp intellect - all roll together to make him pretty darn hot. Don't you agree?

  • Gordon Ramsey 4 of 10
    Chef Gordon Ramsay of "Kitchen Nightmares" and "Hell's Kitchen" visits his restaurant at Claridge's Hotel in London

    Maybe it's the fiery temper, the explosive manner, or the raging passion, but Gordon seems to get women as hot as his kitchen! As he shouts and rants in his TV shows, somehow speaking the truth and knowing exactly how to make those restaurants turn a profit, he captivates one and all.  Yes, he makes women boil over with lust. Surprising, but true.

  • Eddie Izzard 5 of 10
    Eddie Izzard arrives for the premiere of "Cars 2" at he El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles

    Having seen Mr Izzard live on stage, I can admit that I almost wet myself laughing at his comedy schtick. The man is hilarious. Not what one would describe as 'leading man status,' Eddie, however, has bowled women over with his wit, charm, and ability to run a LOT of marathons in a very short space of time.

  • Paul Hollywood 6 of 10
    Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood on the red carpet for the National Television Awards in London

    The man who knows the difference between a soggy bottom and a under cooked middle. The king of 'The Great British Bake Off' will soon be on your screens in the US of A. As Paul licks his fingers of meringue, or chomps into an éclair, his twinkly blue eyes light up and we wait with baited breath for his verdict. Whilst colleague Mary Berry (pictured with Paul above) always tries to break the news to contestants softly, Paul strides in, pulling no punches. He tells it straight as the poor contestant wilts under his gaze. How could anyone resist those baby blues?

  • Matt Smith 7 of 10
    'Dr Who' star Matt Smith seen a little worse for wear and getting aggravated by a homeless man who was spotted grabbing his arm while leaving the Groucho Club in London

    Dr. Who is loved by many a lady. With his intense stare into the middle distance, followed by quick thinking, as his fringe flops this way and that, he is adored by all. Not my cup of tea - he looks like he needs to eat some of Paul's baking (see previous weird crush) - yet he tickles the fancy of many. Is it Matt Smith that they love, or the Doctor?

  • Benedict Cumberbatch 8 of 10
    Benedict Cumberbatch attends the International Film Premiere for 'Star Trek Into Darkness' at the Empire Leicester Square in London

    Another Brit with a floppy fringe and intense stare - but this time as Sherlock! A three-parter that blew us away in the summer of 2010, Sherlock was followed by an equally great second season, so now we CANNOT WAIT for Season 3. His deep dulcet tones and occasional smirk send us all a-quiver. Dashing, classic, and slightly other worldly, Benedict is a firm favorite in the weird celeb crush stakes.

  • Adam Richman 9 of 10
    Adam Richman seen attending the 7th Annual Direct TV Celebrity Beach Bowl in New Orleans, Louisiana

    Maybe he is my Husband's greatest crush, as Man v Food is never off our telly. It AMAZES me what this man can put away and yet still be breathing, albeit breath of chilli fire... At a recent party all anyone could do was talk about this show and Adam Richman's wonderful presenting technique and charming humour. Women went weak at the knees talking about him wolfing down a burger the size of a human head. Seems he has many followers over here in the UK, not least of all the ladies...

  • Alan Rickman 10 of 10
    **EXCLUSIVE** Alan Rickman clutches a copy of Denis Leary's book "Why We Suck" as he leaves the ABC building in Hollywood

    That voice. Come on! Have you heard it? Go back and watch Love Actually, or even better Truly, Madly, Deeply. Then tell me you don't have a crush on Mr Rickman. He sounds like a cross between a fox and a king. He is just so quintessentially British. More British than scones and jam. Devilish, smooth, and charismatic, who doesn't have a crush on the handsome Alan Rickman?


All photo credits: Pacific Coast News

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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