10 Whimsical Etsy Items Inspired by Lewis Carroll

The fanciful author known as Lewis Carroll was born as Charles Lutwidge Dodgson on January 27th, 1832.

We know from his diaries that he suffered from migraines with aura, which is fairly rare. Aura is a set of sensations — flashing lights, blind spots, numbness — that occur before a migraine headache starts. In fact, a certain kind of aura is named after Carroll’s most famous work. It’s called Alice in Wonderland syndrome, where objects are perceived as either smaller or larger than normal before a migraine headache sets in. Some scholars suggest this ailment inspired his writing.

Whatever the inspiration, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was wildly successful when it was published in 1865. Lewis Carroll’s work has captured our imaginations for almost 150 years. In honor of the great writer, I rounded up 10 whimsical handmade items inspired by his work.

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  • "I Can’t Go Back to Yesterday" Journal 2 of 11

    This little handmade journal makes for a great place to record all your adventures, big or small. 

    Available from Etsy for $18.00

  • "Tea Time!" Print 3 of 11

    It's time for a tea break! According to the Mad Hatter, it's always tea time.

    Available from Etsy for $15.00

  • "Six Impossible Things" Print 4 of 11

    This cute print captures the endearing whimsy of Lewis Carroll's Alice.

    Available from Etsy for $5.00

  • "We’re All Mad Here" Print 5 of 11

    Those cat-like eyes. That unforgetable smile. It's hard to believe Lewis Carroll created the Cheshire Cat more than a century ago. 

    Available from Etsy for $5.00

  • Curiouser and Curiouser Cufflinks 6 of 11

    Want an unexpected way to show your Lewis Carroll love? Sport these gorgeous handmade cufflinks, and pay homage to the curious Alice.

    Available from Etsy for $29.50

  • "Who in the World Am I?" Print 7 of 11

    This bold graphic print asks a philosophical question that I'm not quite sure how to answer. Do you?

    Available from Etsy for $15.00

  • "Deep Secrets of Life" Portrait 8 of 11

    I love this quote and the water color portrait of Carroll that accompanies it. The artist captures his unique hair and characteristic necktie.

    Available from Etsy for $5.00

  • White Rabbit Necklace 9 of 11

    Made from the beautiful artwork that accompanied the books, this lovely pendant is fit for Queen Victoria herself (who is rumored to have asked Carroll to dedicate a book to her). 

    Available from Etsy for $26.00

  • "Keep Calm the Carroll Way" Print 10 of 11

    The Carroll slant on the iconic "Keep Calm" signs is, of course, to keep calm and head down the rabbit hole with the white rabbit.

    Available from Etsy for $10.00

  • Wildflower Needlepoint 11 of 11

    Leave it to the creative Etsy community to translate this line from Alice in Wonderland to a pretty needlepoint.

    Available from Etsy for $45.00

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