12 Celebrities on Why They Choose Not to Have Kids

Cameron Diaz made big news this month — not for her upcoming role in the adult comedy Sex Tape, not for her rumored romance with Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden, and not for some philanthropic endeavor. Nope, she made headlines for “coming” out as a member of the “No, I’m not going to have kids…ever” club.

So what’s the big deal? She, like many women, has opted to live a childfree life. Why all the fuss?

Many people seem bewildered when celebrity women choose not to procreate, especially since they happen to be gloriously gifted with good genes and blessed with massive bank accounts to support a family.

But as we all know, becoming a parent isn’t for everyone. Being a mother is a BIG deal; it’s a job that takes more energy, responsibility and intensity than any day job, be it acting, singing, cooking, race car driving or even heading up a global brand. A job is temporary, a child is forever.

These childless celebrities aren’t being selfish for refusing to gift the world the fruit of their loins, they’re making the sober and heartfelt decision that they don’t have the passion, bandwidth, or motherly urge to be mothers.

See what these 12 stars had to say about why they’re opting out of parenthood:

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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