12 Celebrity Pumpkins: Orange Really Is the New Black

Every day, my son and I drive by a house with quite possibly the largest pumpkin in the entire world in the front yard. We yell out to it, “Good morning, Big Pumpkin!” Every day. And every day we talk about what scene the family might decide to carve into the large gourd. This morning, we speculated the family may carve out the entire cast of Henry Hugglemonster. Oh yes, the pumpkin really is that large.

Funnily enough, we don’t ever seem to carve out designs or faces into our pumpkins at home. Two years ago, my son, then two years old, worried the carving would hurt his pumpkin so we kept it uncut. Not cutting has become our thing now, but we certainly admire the skill and art of a well chiseled orb.

I recently discovered the brilliance of Alex Wer on Twitter when someone shared one of his pumpkin masterpieces. Alex is better known as The Pumpkin Geek, and I don’t believe I have ever seen anyone create more artful pumpkin creations. He carves his designs into GEMMY ™ craft pumpkins, and they are illuminated by battery powered lights. In other words, these pumpkins won’t cave in and start to rot!

He has a pretty extensive collection on his site, but my favorite is his Nathan Fillion pumpkin. I know a lot of friends who wouldn’t mind having a Nathan pumpkin to add to their Halloween decorations.

Do you and your family go to town with pumpkin carving or do you keep it simple?

  • Celebrity Pumpkins 1 of 14

    These are not the Jack-o'-lantern's you grew up with!

  • Maria Menounos 2 of 14

    Maria is currently looking for some good ideas for Halloween costumes.  Are there any costumes that involve pumpkins? 

  • Johnny Depp 3 of 14

    Seeing Johnny in pumpkin form makes me think of him as Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow.  Headless horseman nightmares in 3, 2, 1...

  • Taylor Swift 4 of 14

    This Taylor Swift Pumpkin looks like she will keep an eye on all of the trick or treaters as they stop by on Halloween. 

  • Nathan Fillion 5 of 14

    Oh yes, just put a bow on this one and send it on over! Nathan has been nothing short of adorable on Castle this season. 

  • Oprah 6 of 14

    You get a pumpkin! You get a pumpkin! You get a pumpkin! You get a pumpkin! 

  • Elvis 7 of 14

    Even royalty looks great in orange. Elvis sightings must happen a lot on Halloween but I would much rather see this great carving instead of poorly fitting costumes. 

  • Matthew Gray Gubler 8 of 14

    Everybody loves Matthew

  • Ian Somerhalder 9 of 14

    The star of The Vampire Diaries looks pretty intense on a pumpkin. 

  • Jennifer Lawrence 10 of 14

    An ironic look for Jennifer as she counts down to the premiere of Hunger Games Catching Fire

  • Heidi Klum 11 of 14

    I wish there was a Tim Gunn pumpkin to go with the Heidi one. I am so used to seeing them as a duo. I guess she just has to "make it work."

  • Steve Jobs 12 of 14

    I love the idea of having a Steve pumpkin to light your path on Halloween. How many of us have this man to thank for so much in our daily lives. 

  • Whoopi Goldberg 13 of 14

    Exciting news for fans of Whoopi: she is planning a return to Broadway

  • The Pumpkin Geek and Fans 14 of 14

    The Pumpkin Geek, center, has wowed many celebrity fans with his handiwork.  From left: Gene Simmons, Jeri Ryan, Ming Na, Greg Grunberg, Levar Burton, and Joe Mantegna gourd out with their custom pumpkins.


Watch The Pumpkin Geek:

All images are courtesy of Alex Wer, The Pumpkin Geek, and are used with his permission.

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