13 Radical Prints Inspired by The Walking Dead

Walking Dead fans are chomping at the bit (gross) waiting for this month’s premiere on October 13th. It’s the kind of show you need a break from for a while because of the violent and gruesome intensity of it, but the summer hiatus is just about the right amount of time to get over any lingering PTSD from last season’s Walking Dead finale. We’re ready for more.

With an influx of people at the prison, the close-knit community dynamic will be changing big time. I can’t wait to see how it plays out for Rick and his crew.

I miss Rick. I need to see Daryl. I’m curious whether Carl has had a growth spurt. I want. I need. These 13 radical prints inspired by The Walking Dead are just the ticket. Take a look!

  • Radical Prints Inspired by The Walking Dead 1 of 14
  • Chalkboard Typography Sign 2 of 14

    Quaint, beautiful, and on-trend. No need to figure out your "home rules" or come up with an inspiring quote for this one. The Walking Dead has done it for you. We're all infected.

    Available at Etsy for $12.00

  • Keep Calm 3 of 14

    Of all the "keep calm" adages out there, I think this one offers the best chance at survival. Keep calm and stay with Rick Grimes. He had me at 10 gallon hat.

    Available from Etsy for $14.99

  • Grimes in 2016 4 of 14

    Where do I vote for a Ricktatorship? I'm in!

    Available from Etsy for $18.99

  • Zombie Phrenology 5 of 14

    Understanding the natural tendencies of the undead is the first step in understanding your former loved ones who are now zombies.

    Available from Etsy for $14.99

  • Daryl Silhouette 6 of 14

    When the zombie apocalypse comes, and it will come, you want Daryl Dixon and his magical crossbow on your side. Don't be put off by his ear necklace. You need to look past that.

    Available from Etsy for $6.99

  • Zombie Swarm 7 of 14

    Slow-moving and not very smart, a single zombie can be carefully avoided. But when they swarm, you're in trouble.

    Available from Etsy for $14.00

  • Rick’s Crew 8 of 14

    This minimalist print features Rick and his crew on top of a freaky zombie. Hang it in your house to remind you of the hopelessness of an apocalypse involving zombies.

    Available from Etsy for $23.00

  • Greeting Card 9 of 14

    Tell the one you love, "You are my Rick Grimes." If there is a more romantic compliment, I can't think of it.

    Available from Etsy for $3.95

  • Daryl on His Motorcycle 10 of 14

    Daryl Dixon has managed to stay alive riding his motorcycle around the American wasteland with a crossbow and no helmet. Odds are good he'll be one of the last men standing.

    Available from Etsy for $30.00

  • Back to Back in a Circle 11 of 14

    Standing back-to-back in a circle facing their enemies is my favorite configuration of outnumbered heroes, whether it's the Avengers or the Fellowship of the Ring. Spoiler Alert: They always survive.

    Available from Etsy for $18.00

  • Daryl Dixon Card 12 of 14

    Another lovely sentiment on a card to give to the one you love more than your racist, zombie brother. Sentimentality for the win.

    Available from Etsy for $3.50

  • Where’s Carl 13 of 14

    The thing about Carl, Rick's son, is that no one ever knows where he is or what he's up to. You try keeping track of a tween during an apocalypse.

    Available from Etsy for $23.28

  • Stay in the House Carl 14 of 14

    One way to keep track of Carl is to tell him to STAY IN THE HOUSE. Or the prison, natch.

    Available from Etsy for $20.00

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