15 Bizarre Pieces of Fan Art Inspired by Horror Movies

Halloween may be well behind us now, but that doesn’t mean horror movies have to drop off the grid. No matter the time of year, people continue to get sick pleasure out of viewing terror and gore on the big screen. Tons of studies have been conducted to figure out the motivation behind this cinematic fandom, and reasons have ranged from wanting to overcome our fears to experiencing actual hormonal changes in our brains.

While there are many of us who enjoy scary movies, some Fans-with-a-capital-F take it one step further. They don’t just spew off facts about Nosferatu and recite the Freddy Krueger nursery rhyme on command, but they also devote their time and talents to creating some truly insane pieces of artwork. Fan art is no new concept, but horror movie fan art? It’s really something.

Here are 15 of the craziest, creepiest, and funniest handmade items inspired by film monsters and madness. They may be weird, but I’m not ashamed to admit that I want every single last one of them.

15 Bizarre Pieces of Fan Art Inspired by Horror Movies:

  • The Scare Necessities 1 of 16
    PicMonkey Collage9 copy

    From bloody mini dresses to crocheted demons, ones thing's for sure: Horror movies inspire some of the strangest and coolest fan art you'll ever see. Click through to see all 15 items!

  • The Exorcist | Playset 2 of 16
    Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 1.09.17 AM

    Awww, it's made out of yarn! This crocheted tableau represents one of the most famous and cringe-worthy scenes from The Exorcist, in which Regan projectile vomits what looks like pea soup. While I can't help but think Father Merrin's devastated expression is kind of adorable, I have to agree with the seller's disclaimer: "ABSOLUTELY NOT FOR CHILDREN!!"

    Available at Etsy, $250

  • Jaws | Ukelele 3 of 16

    The makers of this Jaws-inspired ukelele titled their fantastic creation the "get out of the water-lele." Maybe it's my caffeine-fueled adrenaline talking, but I'm very much considering spending my next paycheck on this bad boy. And I don't even play the ukelele.

    Available at Etsy, $700

  • Psycho | Toddler T-Shirt 4 of 16

    "A boy's best friend is his mother." The implications of this Psycho-inspired toddler tee are simply too creepy for words. Creepy, but also a tad hilarious.

    Available at Etsy, $10.50

  • Night of the Living Dead | Mannequin 5 of 16

    Hey, George Romano fans — any of you interested in a life-size mannequin covered in images from Night of the Living Dead? This insanely bizarre fiberglass creation comes complete with a trowel in the chest and moving arms "for your pleasure" (ew).

    Available at Etsy, $1,200

  • Halloween | Studded Ankle Boots 6 of 16

    These outrageous boots are customized with "Mike Myers images, paint, bullets, studs, spikes, hand-cut coffins, distressed latex, and metal shavings." WOW. These would definitely come in handy for … a Lady Gaga-themed Halloween party, maybe?

    Available at Etsy, $175

  • Friday the 13th | Christmas Ornament 7 of 16

    This felt Christmas tree ornament combines a gingerbread man with Jason Voorhees, because why not? Standing only a few inches tall with red, threaded blood on his knife, the Friday the 13th baddie has never looked quite so adorable.

    Available at Etsy, $15

  • The Silence of the Lambs | "Motivational Lotion Reminder" 8 of 16

    I really like the idea of someone actually needing a "motivational lotion reminder," especially if it's in the form of one of the weirdest quotes from The Silence of the Lambs. Hang this wall plaque in your bathroom, and you can kiss your dry skin goodbye … OR ELSE.

    Available at Etsy, $10

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street | Garden Gnome 9 of 16

    One, two, Freddy's coming for you … by way of your garden? I can't decide if this Nightmare on Elm Street villain in gnome form is cute or terrifying. Actually, scratch that — it's definitely terrifying.

    Available at Etsy, $60

  • Child’s Play | Chucky Hairclip 10 of 16

    This handmade clip can be worn in your hair or on your clothing, depending on which angle you'd rather scare your coworkers from. Sadly, the skull model doesn't come included.

    Available at Etsy, $9.49

  • The Shining | American Gothic Print 11 of 16

    I'm not gonna lie — I would 100% hang this in my bedroom. Trade the American Gothic farmer for Jack Torrance and the pitchfork for a sharpened axe, and you've got an awesome piece of artwork, my friends.

    Available at Etsy, $20

  • Carrie | Flask 12 of 16

    Drinking at work may be frowned upon, but once you pull out this frightening flask, your boss might assume you're cray cray and leave you alone. Also, can someone please get me this for Christmas?

    Available at Etsy, $20

  • Poltergeist | Custom Painted Shoes 13 of 16

    The clown scene from Poltergeist will haunt me to my final day. I tend to look at my feet when I walk, so I'm pretty sure I would be in a constant state of terror if I wore these shoes. Having said that, the custom paint job here is pretty darn good.

    Available at Etsy, $119

  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre | Mini Dress 14 of 16

    Nothing screams fashion quite like ol' Leatherface sitting atop your bosom. The vintage t-shirt feel of this handmade dress is sure to appeal to any classic horror movie fan, but maybe don't wear this one on a first date...

    Available at Etsy, $54.99

  • Wolfman | Dictionary Art Print 15 of 16

    Does anyone else think this kind of looks like a hairy Bill Clinton?

    Available at Etsy, $12.99

  • Aliens | "Caterpillar" Power Loading Walker J-5001 16 of 16

    To end this round-up on a high note: OH MA GAH. Someone actually made a life-size replica of the famous exosuit cargo loader from Aliens, and it's up for grabs if anyone has a cool $1800 burning a hole in their pocket. This particular Etsy product has become something of an internet sensation — and for good reason. I'm going to start saving my pennies ASAP.

    Available at Etsy, $1800


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