15 Movie Characters That’ll Make You Feel Better About Your Own Love Life!

Summer is here, even in the rainy UK. With the sun, out pop all those smug happy couples, glued together, gazing into each others’ eyes, pausing only to smooch on street corners.

It aint just your Avril Lavignes and Tamara Ecclestones who are having over the top weddings! Every weekend someone I know is off to yet another wedding. Which is lovely, of course. But what for those who are still single? Or going through a nasty break-up? Or dating Mr nowhere-near-right-but-hoping-he’ll-get-better?

Well, fear not! Because, someone, somewhere, in the movies, is having a much worse time than you!

So, have a look below at the movies and characters who we have loved, and who have lost.

Now get your best hat on and enjoy that wedding! You never know who you might meet….


  • Gigi – He’s Just Not That Into You 1 of 15
    He's Just Not That Into You

    Gigi is a typical single woman who repeatedly misreads the actions and comments from her dates as indications they are really interested in her. She then frets when the guy (not surprisingly) doesn't call. She befriends a barman called Alex who reveals the strategies men use to avoid a woman. He explains that Gigi has been misinterpreting signs that men have given... whilst giving her signals that HE is interested. Then he claims not to be. But then is. It is SO hard to NOT misinterpret signs, when men act like they want to marry you, and then er... never call again. And Alex proves this by acting not keen, and then realizing how Gigi is the one for him. Confused? Us? Well, yes, frankly. Men - take note.


  • Helen – Bridesmaids 2 of 15

    Helen, the woman who looks completely perfect and seems to succeed at everything she turns her hand to, is in fact treated like dirt by her step-kids and ignored and unappreciated by her husband. She has no real friends to speak of AND she's an ugly crier (even if she won't admit it). Which is lesson to us all: that even when things look perfect for someone else on the surface, chances are they are having just as rubbish a time as the rest of us! Don't judge a book by it's (whiny, clawing, sniping) cover.

  • Kathleen – You’ve Got Mail 3 of 15

    Poor Kathleen. Not only is her gorgeous quaint bookstore (previously owned by her mother) about to go under due to the local Megastore taking over all her customers - but her email buddy turns out to be her nemesis Joe Fox - owner of said Megastore! Double whammy. Of course it all turns out rosy in the end - but for a moment, 'Shopgirl' Kathleen has split up with her dull as dishwater boyfriend, lost her business, and only has emails from 'NY152' to look forward to. You gotta ask yourself how good life is, when you are living for the odd email from a stranger?

  • Andie – Pretty in Pink 4 of 15
    pretty in pink

    It sure is tough when the boy you love isn't returning your calls, and the boy you DON'T want to call is ringing every 5 minutes! Such is life for Andie, the hip girl from the wrong side of town. Frankly I don't know why she didn't ditch drippy Blane and go for the beyond hot James Spader character Steff (even if he was a total idiot). But how much did we root for Andie when she went to her prom alone? You don't need wimpy guys, girlfriend! You just need you! Go Andie! Victory for all women in dodgy '80s clothing everywhere.

  • Brooke – The Break-Up 5 of 15
    the break up

    Tell me there isn't a single woman out there who failed to empathize with Brooke when she asked Gary to 'want' to help her with the dishes? Gary, a selfish, remote, child of a man, doesn't deserve our classy, kind, smart Brooke. Instead of trying to win her back, Gary goes to great lengths to get her out of their condo, making her already miserable life, even more miserable. When he stands her up at the concert she invites him to - we all want to take Gary outside and have a quiet word... Brooke sticks to her guns and moves out. With a love life that bad, the only question is why she didn't dump slobby Gary sooner!

  • Holden – Chasing Amy 6 of 15
    chasing amy

    If you have never seen this gem of a movie, you're missing out. From Kevin Smith, it is talky and smart and also gut wrenchingly sad. Holden is madly in love with Alyssa, but she prefers girls. Eventually he confesses his love to her and they start a relationship. But when he discovers that he isn't in fact the only man she has ever been with, his jealousies start to crush their relationship. His best friend it seems is also in love with him, so life for Holden is somewhat complicated. This little movie starring Ben Affleck has one of my favourite ever love scenes, where Holden confesses his love. It is so honest and sincere, it would break your heart. Just like poor Holden's did...

  • Sarah – Love Actually 7 of 15

    Sarah, what are you doing??? You have the HOT guy from the office, perhaps the hottest guy ever to grace an office xmas party on our screens, and you are kissing the face off him, only to stop and take a call from your brother? Bless her, but Sarah's insistence on putting everyone else's needs before her own, means that she never succeeds in love. We are all screaming at the screen, "Hang up! Go and make out with the hot guy!" But will she listen? Sometimes, people just don't want to be happy....

  • Andy – 40 Year Old Virgin 8 of 15
    40 year old virgin

    The title says it all. Bless Andy, with his collectable figures and his pedal bike, living alone and watching tv with his elderly neighbours, never having met the right woman. His workmates and so-called friends find his virgin status hilarious, encouraging him to get out there. They make him have a chest wax and take him speed dating... Poor Andy just wants to be left in peace. If only he could just confess to the one woman he likes - Trish - that he is a virgin, so she wouldn't think he is a total weirdo. Who said guys have it easy?

  • Edward – Edward Scissorhands 9 of 15
    edward scissorhands

    If anything ever is gonna get in the way of love, it is having scissor knives for hands. Edward has the purest heart and the deepest love for neighbour Kim. But will the mistrusting townsfolk let these two be together? Not if Kim's boyfriend Jim has anything to do with it... So, there is always the girl that we want to be with the boy, but the world shouts 'no!' Since Romeo and Julie, it has always been... The moral is: where there is a will, there is a way, unless of course, you have scissors for hands...

  • Katie – The Way We Were 10 of 15
    the way we were

    Katie, Katie, Katie, how on earth did Hubble ever land a girl like you? Hubble is perhaps the weakest man that screen god Robert Redford ever portrayed. Not only does he have an affair with Carol Ann, his college girlfriend, even though Katie (his wife) is pregnant, but he also always chooses the easiest way out -  whether it is cheating in his marriage or writing predictable stories for sitcoms. Unlike Katie, who refuses to compromise who she is or what she believes in, Hubble never measures up to her expectations of him. And so their relationship is doomed. But out of the two of them, who is happier? I daresay Katie met a better Hubble, if there ever had been a sequel...

  • Cindy – Blue Valentine 11 of 15
    blue valentine

    Not your typical 'date movie' fare is it? Cindy is so miserable toward her husband Dean, that if I were him, I would have jumped ship by scene 5! Nothing the poor guy does is right, or can raise a smile on her sour face. So maybe Dean lacks ambition and hits the beers too hard, but he is a wonderful Dad to a child, who maybe isn't his. This relationship deterioration is so raw, that it makes your own look not so bad, eh?

  • Joel – Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind 12 of 15
    eternal sunshine

    Joel is so devastated post-break up with Clementine, that he pays Lacuna a handsome sum to erase his memories of his relationship... But, he is paying them to erase the memories of a girl he is currently falling in love with. Confused? Obviously. This absolutely amazing film shows us that no matter how we try - fate will find a way, love will triumph. So we hope that they will meet in Montauk, that love will win through. But in the meantime? What a head fry! Trying to forget the loves that you have lost? It just aint that simple...

  • Allen – Splash 13 of 15

    It has to be said, falling in love with a mermaid was never gonna be easy! But Allen's ultimate choice occurs when Madison's true identity is revealed and he must choose between his life above water, or beneath it. Problem is, if he decides to go with his true love (and mermaid) he won't EVER be able to pop back home again. That' a LOT to give up for one woman (even if she does look as great as Daryl Hannah). That's no more family, buddies, sports, movies, pizza, and Sopranos box sets. Would you give your life up for just one man/woman? Exactly...

  • Tom – 500 Days of Summer 14 of 15
    500 days summer

    Now, if you ask me, I don't really get what nice guy Tom saw in aloof, dazed, dull Summer anyway. But what do I know? The boy is SMITTEN. So much so, that he can't get over her. No matter what he tries to do. But Summer, well, she is certainly getting over him alright. In fact, she's getting married. Tom has to face facts, it wasn't that Summer didn't want a relationship - it was that she didn't want a relationship with HIM. We've all been there Tom... There is always the one that got away. Tom buddy, I think it was a blessing! Anyway, there is always Autumn...

  • Bridget – Bridget Jones’ Diary 15 of 15

    There has never been a singleton like her. Poor Bridge, dating her suave handsome boss (and dirty rotten scoundrel) Daniel Cleaver. Except Daniel is busy dating someone else... someone he has proposed to. Meanwhile, every time she sees nice but dull Mark Darcy, she ends up making a complete fool of herself. Not able to see the Mr Right, even when he is standing under her nose, Bridget Jones is too busy dating wrong 'uns. We've all been swept away by the handsome cad who never really was serious about us to begin with. So we can't judge Bridget too harshly. Who hasn't sung '"All by Myself" in your pajamas alone on a work night, crying into your drink? No? Just me then?

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