15 Shows to Watch this Spring After the Kids are in Bed … And 5 The Whole Family Will Love

One of the most wonderful times of the year for parents is the arrival of a new Spring lineup on television. It can be daunting to know what shows are worthy of your prime time viewing pleasure. If you are like my family we cherish a small pocket of time just after my son goes to bed and just before we pass out from the day. This is the time to watch mysteries, thrillers, blue comedy, you know, the shows not suitable for the younger crowd in footed jammies.

This March there are over twenty new shows and returning favorites. Some of these shows can be enjoyed with the family during time frames that work for you (fistbump to DVRs!) and some of these shows are strictly for grownups.

What shows have you seen or are excited to see?

  • Spring TV 2013 1 of 21
    Spring TV 2013
    One parent's opinion on what new shows might not be good viewing for the younger crowd.
  • Game of Thrones 2 of 21
    Game of Thrones
    Season three of HBO's super popular Game of Thrones returns at the end of this month. If you haven't seen this show yet just a word of caution: one of the more debated aspects is which is more gratuitous the sex or the violence. So...make sure the kids are in bed for this one. Image Credit: Vibe
  • Vikings 3 of 21
    Vikings debuted last Sunday evening on the History channel. No surprise here, Vikings is violent, loud, and does an amazing job of capturing what life might have been like during the era of Viking King Ragnar Lodbrok. Image Credit: Hollywood Reporter
  • Grimm 4 of 21
    I am afraid of Grimm. There. I said it. I am a total flincher in general, but THIS show makes me jump. Returning with season two on NBC this show is a fan favorite but very much NOT for most kids. Image Credit: Universal
  • Ready for Love 5 of 21
    Ready for Love
    Ready for Love is a matchmaking COMPETITION on NBC. Because, of course it is. Hosted by Giuliana and Bill Rancic and executive produced by Eva Longoria, Ready for Love will feature 36 women competing to find love with men that Eva has personally selected. MMMMMMkay. Image Credit: NBC
  • Red Widow 6 of 21
    Red Widow
    Red Widow debuted last weekend on ABC. This is a Mob meets Mom crime show that is based on Dutch series Penoza. Image Credit: ABC via EW
  • Boston’s Finest 7 of 21
    Boston's Finest
    Crime shows aren't really ideal for the sippy cup set and Boston's Finest is no exception. Donnie Wahlberg narrates this TNT drama that follows the days and nights of real Boston police officers. Image Credit: Boston Globe
  • LA Shrinks 8 of 21
    LA Shrinks
    LA Shrinks premiered on Bravo earlier this week and it is EXACTLY what you expect it to be: juicy. LA Shrinks goes behind the scenes to reveal the personal lives of therapists when they are in between sessions. Image Credit: Realty Nation
  • Revolution 9 of 21
    Revolution is a post-apocalyptic science fiction show returning to NBC. The show has been on a hiatus and is coming back at the end of this month with a more focused story. Image Credit: TV News
  • Golden Boy 10 of 21
    Golden Boy
    CBS's Golden Boy is already three episodes in. The show follows the life of police officer Walter Clark on the path to becoming the youngest Police Commissioner in New York City history. Image Credit: Hollywood Reporter
  • Parade’s End 11 of 21
    Parade's End
    Many of you guys are REALLY going to want Parade's End (airing in the US on HBO) to have a bit of that familiar Downton flavor. You need to let that hope go. Parade's End is a love triangle story that takes place during WWI. Image Credit: The Arts Desk/ BBC
  • Mr. Selfridge 12 of 21
    Mr. Selfridge
    PBS is bringing us Mr. Selfridge this spring. Jeremy Piven (yes) stars as Mr. Selfridge in this real life period drama about one man's quest to bring a modern store to London. Reviews are solid for this show but most of the references and plot may be above the heads of younger kids. Image Credit: Hit Bag
  • Call the Midwives 13 of 21
    Call the Midwives
    One of my favorite discoveries last year was PBS's Call the Midwife. This is a BBC period drama that takes place in East London in the 1950's. This is the show that could possible fill your Downton needs. Featuring the stories of midwives and their patients this show can be as triumphant as it is sad. Image Credit: PBS
  • The Biggest Loser 14 of 21
    The Biggest Loser
    Biggest Loser started it's 14th season on NBC in January but it is a show that is easily, um, consumed. Families might enjoy watching the challenges and person stories of contestants together. Image Credit: E Online
  • The Bible 15 of 21
    The Bible
    Have you read The Bible? It's a pretty violent and scary text. It is also something many families may be familiar with. This mini series is airing on the History Chanel and has gotten some good reviews. Image Credit: Lightworks Media
  • Undercover Boss 16 of 21
    Undercover Boss
    CBS brought back Undercover Boss and this season features stories from Squaw Valley ski resort, O'Neill Clothing, Boston Market, and Moe's Southwest Grill. Many of the stories start out sensational but their is usually a redeeming message of kindess that might resonate during some family tv viewing. Image Credit: NY Daily News
  • Dr. Who 17 of 21
    Dr. Who
    Many of my friends love watching Dr. Who with their children. This BBC classic will return in April to much fanfare from it's super fans. Image Credit: Ace Showbiz
  • How to Live with your Parents 18 of 21
    How to Live with your Parents
    One of the shows that I am very excited about (which, heads up, usually means it will be canceled) is How to Live With Your Parents. I have watched several clips of the show and think it is clever and sharp and not suitable for younger kids. (jokes about Grandma! Woo!) This ABC show stars Sarah Chalke, Brad Garrett, and Elizabeth Perkins. Only time will tell if the humor can stick. Image Credit: LA Times
  • Celebrity Diving 19 of 21
    Celebrity Diving
    The newest "celebrities can do interesting things" show is Celebrity Divers. We have seen celebrities on the ice skating rink, in circus acts, in we will see celebrities dive, dive, dive. Splash (aka the name for this ABC show that no one seems to use because WHAT could be more descriptive than "Celebrity Diving") will probably be entertaining for the entire family. Will your kids know the celebrities involved/ Probably not, but there will be diving! Image Credit: Pink is the New Blog
  • The Voice 20 of 21
    The Voice
    The Voice will have two new judges spinning around to judge singers this season. Shakira and Usher will join Adam Levine and Blake Shelton later this month on NBC. While Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green take a break to work on music projects we might experience a slightly more tame show. Image Credit: That Grape Juice
  • Dancing With the Stars 21 of 21
    Dancing With the Stars
    ZOMG!! DANCING WITH THE STARS!! The 16th season of this show begins on ABC later this March. With no shocking "celebrities" joining the cast this might be more drama free than previous seasons. Your kids may not know who many of the "celebrities" are but dancing is dancing is dancing. Image Credit: Beet Gossip

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