16 TV and Movie Halloween Costumes That Nailed It! Or Maybe Not.

Happy October! It’s the month of nutmeg and pumpkins, turtlenecks and knee socks, and searching for that extra wonderful Halloween costume. Since I am a serious TV and film fan, I naturally gravitate towards costumes that are character driven: Pippy Longstocking (from the movie), Punky Brewster, Mork from Mork and Mindy, Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction… TV and movie Halloween costumes are always popular. Isn’t there a Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz at your door every year?

This year I am betting you will see Superman, Wizard of Oz characters, Iron Man, and a few Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at your door asking for your best miniature chocolates. My local Halloween store has been open for well over a month and every day, when I drive by, the parking lot has been packed. Last week my son and I stopped in to look at all of the costume options, and as he was marveling over the kid-sized Transformers and young Jedis, I was standing, in shock, looking at the grown-up versions.

“Grown up” now means sexy costumes of kid cartoon characters. In one row alone there were at least 5 different cartoon characters from my childhood now available to me as sexy Halloween garb. I get it, there is an element of showing off your “kit-kats” for some on Halloween. I just can’t imagine being the lady rocking the “sexy” version of Strawberry Shortcake as I go door-to-door with my family.

In looking at more TV and movie Halloween costumes, I realized some really nailed it and some did not. Which costume is your favorite?

16 TV and Movie Halloween Costumes

  • Costumes: Did they nail it? 1 of 17

    Maybe not.


    Not every TV and movie character translates well to a Halloween costume. Let's see how these measure up.

  • Elmo from Sesame Street 2 of 17

    This Elmo costume is called "Sassy" and I think that is a pretty good description for it. If you aren't going to go full-on furry, this look is a sweet alternative. I think it would look better with Chuck Taylor shoes, but that's just me. NAILED IT.

    Buy this Elmo Costume from Halloween Costumes, $48.99


    Image Credit: Muppet Wiki, Halloween Costumes

  • Tardis from Dr. Who 3 of 17

    At first glance this could be Alice from Alice in Wonderland. I like the idea of this costume: it's sweet and would work well for young Whovians. NAILED IT.

    Buy the Tardis dress from Spirit Halloween, $39.99


    Image Credit: Wikimedia, Spirit Halloween

  • Edward Scissorhands 4 of 17

    I am completely smitten with this costume. Sure I'd like the skirt a little bit longer, but the styling and the gloves are awesome! NAILED IT.

    Buy the Edward Scissorhands costume from Spirit Halloween, $49.99


    Image Credit: Wikipedia, Spirit Halloween

  • Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street 5 of 17

    I know, I know ... it's a "sexy" Freddy, but I think it works. You could wear this with jeans and still convey the nightmare. The stripes, the blades, and the hat sell it. NAILED IT.

    Buy the Freddy Krueger costume from Spirit Halloween, $49.99  


    Image Credit: Wikipedia, Spirit Halloween

  • Minion from Despicable Me 6 of 17

    This feels a bit phoned-in to me. I am not sure how one could pull off a better Minion costume, and I might just be reacting to the model's "I thought I was wearing a cape" pose, but this is just not working for me. FAIL.

    Buy the Minion costume from Spirit Halloween, $39.99


    Image Credit: Wikipedia, Spirit Halloween 


  • Donatello from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 7 of 17

    OH MY. There is not a single thing about this costume that says Turtle. It's more of a spy cheerleader get up. Maybe if she was carrying a pizza? FAIL.

    Buy the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costume from Spirit Halloween, $49.99


    Image Credit: Wikipedia, Spirit Halloween 

  • Papa Smurf from The Smurfs 8 of 17

    Is it me or does this costume look like it was made from a Snuggie? I have no objections to anyone rocking a Smurf costume, but there has got to be a better way. I think this toddler agrees. FAIL.

    Buy this Papa Smurf costume for adults ($35.41) or toddlers ($20.01) from Costume Craze


    Image Credit: Smurfs Wiki, Costume Craze (adult), and Costume Craze (toddler)

  • Sully from Monsters University 9 of 17

    This is not bad for an: "I'm putting on a costume but I am not going full-tilt." The sweater looks easy to wear, and the headpiece brings the laughs. NAILED IT.

    Buy the Sully costume from Spirit Halloween, $59.99  


    Image Credit: Wikipedia, Spirit Halloween

  • Gargamel from The Smurfs 10 of 17

    I can't focus on anything else but this child's eyes right now. Spooky photoshopping! I'd also like to meet the kid who volunteers to dress up as Gargamel for Halloween. FAIL.

    Buy the Gargamel costume from Costume Craze, $20.01 


    Image Credit: Wikipedia, Costume Craze 

  • Optimus Prime from Transformers 11 of 17

    My son REALLY wants to be Optimus Prime this year but these costumes are pricey. I am curious why so much of the boy's face is covered (too much in my opinion) and so little of the girl's face is covered. I give major points for there being both boy and girl versions of this costume, even if the girl version has a touch of the princess. ON THE FENCE.

    Buy the boy ($39.99 from Spirit Halloween) or girl ($8.52 from Costume Craze) Optimus Prime costume


    Image Credit: Transformers Wiki, Boy (Spirit Halloween), Girl (Costume Craze)

  • Scarlett from Gone With the Wind 12 of 17

    Fiddle dee dee, this is a sweet costume. I do doubt any child this age has read or seen Gone With the Wind, so if you are going to send your little girl out to trick-or-treat dressed like this, you must have a history lesson first. NAILED IT.

    Buy the Scarlett costume from Costume Craze, $29.23


    Image Credit:  Gone With the Wind Wiki, Costume Craze

  • Ghostbuster 13 of 17

    I could not share the adult version of the Ghostbuster costume as they were over-the-top. Literally. This toddler version is meh. I don't get why she needed to be in a skirt or have this sort of fashion forward belt. And what is the deal with the zipper? Sigh. FAIL.

    Buy this Ghostbusters costume from Costume Craze, $9.24


    Image Credit:  Amazon, Costume Craze

  • The Incredible Hulk 14 of 17


    (...and is it me, or do you see a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle on the stomach of the Hulk costume?) NAILED IT.

    Buy the Hulk costume from Costume Craze, $16.93


    Image Credit: Amazon, Costume Craze

  • Annie 15 of 17

    The toddler version of Annie isn't bad. The wig is a bit much, but it is what it is. The "sexy" grown-up Annie is just weird. Even that pose. Weird. FAIL.

    Buy the toddler ($24.99) or adult ($34.99) Annie costume from Halloween Costumes


    Image Credit: Wikipedia, Toddler and Adult via Halloween Costumes

  • Miss Piggy from The Muppet Show 16 of 17

    I love Muppets. A lot. But please do not ever dress your child up like Miss Piggy. It is just not okay. The adult Miss Piggy is one big question mark. FAIL.

    Buy the toddler ($14.99) or adult ($48.99) Miss Piggy costume from Halloween Costumes


    Image Credit: Muppet Wiki, Toddler and Adult via Halloween Costumes

  • Marge from The Simpsons 17 of 17

    Everything about this costume makes me smile. It's glam, it's silly, it's bold. I think Marge would be flattered. NAILED IT.

    Buy this Marge costume from Halloween Costume, $58.99


    Image Credit: Simpsons Wiki, Halloween Costume

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