16 TV Shows from the ’90s We Would Love to See as Spinoffs

The news is out — Girl Meets World, a spinoff of the popular 1990s tv show Boy Meets World, will appear on the Disney Channel in 2014! Catching up with main characters Cory and Topanga Matthews more than a decade after the conclusion of Boy Meets World, the new series depicts their married life with two children. Daughter Riley is the “Girl” of the title, as Cory was the boy in the original.

boymeetsworld The ’90s were full of popular, now much-missed tv shows, and just as we did with the ’80s, we’re thinking of what shows from the 1990s would be great spinoff material.

A look through the list of great tv shows in the 1990s makes it difficult to narrow it down, but there are some definite standouts. I just can’t help wondering what’s going on with Brandon, Dylan, Kelly, and Brenda now. Are the Friends still friends? Where in the world is Dr. Noah Carter?

While we wait for the debut of Girl Meets World, let’s take a walk down other paths on memory lane — tv show contenders for great 1990s spinoffs. What were your favorite shows of that great decade in television that you’d like to see again?

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  • Moesha 1 of 16

    With a list of musical guest stars that included Mary J. Blige, A Tribe Called Quest, Dr. Dre, Ginuwine, Johnny Gill, and LeAnn Rimes, I'd check out a Moesha spinoff just to see what else Brandy could pull out of her sleeve. 


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  • ER 2 of 16

    ER survived 15 years of trauma, heartbreak, and general medical drama before it went off the air, and launched the careers of the likes of George Clooney and Julianna Margulies, both of whom I'm guessing are a bit too busy to reappear. But I'd love to see what Dr. John Carter is doing these days, especially after Noah Wyle's storyline of providing medical care and relief to people in the Congo and Darfur. 

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  • Full House 3 of 16

    Catching up with at least a few members of the Tanner family would be fun. Dad Danny Tanner's attempts to keep his kids and their uncles under control in his San Francisco Victorian occupied many a television screen in the 1990s, and they'd likely succeed again. (Especially if John Stamos popped back up as an older, wiser, probably still-drumming Uncle Jesse.) 

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  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer 4 of 16

    Angel picked up where Buffy left off, and there were plenty of loose ends in both stories then. Joss Whedon is as productive now as he ever was, and a trip back to the crew that started it all would be a trip worth taking for this series' millions of fans. 

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  • NYPD Blue 5 of 16

    Still ABC's longest running primetime drama, NYPD Blue kept going for 12 years. Even losing Jimmy Smits at a pivotal time didn't kill it entirely, and it would be a kick to come back and see Detective Sipowicz, maybe on a retirement beat in Florida? I'd tune in. 


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  • Daria 6 of 16

    Daria made many a high school girl, who drew life just a little outside the lines, feel a little less alone in this dry and super smart animated series. I think the girls of 2013 could use a similar dose of this kind of entertainment, with Daria as a teacher in her old high school, naturally. 


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  • My So-Called Life 7 of 16

    This show had such an impact, it's hard to believe it was only on the air for two years. It's possible that great things are only supposed to last for a short period of time, but in this case, I think we could catch up with a new Angela and Jordan Catalano -- no problem. (Although it WOULD be tough to compete with Jared Leto's teenage angst-y, flannel-covered dreaminess. SWOON.)


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  • Dawson’s Creek 8 of 16

    Dawson's Creek is ripe for a spinoff. Beautiful scenery, gorgeous young people in all kinds of star-crossed relationships, and a newly single Katie Holmes could make it the right time to revisit happier territory. 

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  • That ’70s Show 9 of 16

    What decade is better for nostalgia and entertainment than the 1980s? I think none. Ashton Kutcher or no, I think That '80s Show could hit the jackpot. 

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  • Blossom 10 of 16

    I know Mayim Bialik is busy raising kids and getting her Ph.D., but she's on Big Bang Theory, too. Blossom all grown up could spawn some great stories. And wouldn't you like to know what Six is up to? 

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  • Clarissa Explains it All 11 of 16

    If you watched Melissa Joan Hart's original turn on Nickolodeon, you can follow her adventures in New York, where Clarissa headed to work in newspapers. This would definitely be one to watch with your kids. 

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  • Fresh Prince of Bel Air 12 of 16

    Willow Smith rocks out just like her dad, and a look at The Fresh Princess of Bel Air could be a lot of fun. In West Beverly born and raised? Perhaps. 

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  • Party of Five 13 of 16

    I don't know about you, but I'd love to catch up with the Salinger kids. And Matthew Fox. I'd really like to catch up with him. Now that he's well past Lost, he might be ready for some lighter, or at least less mysterious fair. 

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  • Saved By the Bell 14 of 16

    Screech was basically a principal in training the last time we checked in with the Saved By the Bell kids, so it's time to see how that shook out, I think. 

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  • Doogie Howser, M.D. 15 of 16

    Is Doogie even old enough to have a teenaged kid yet? Maybe not, but at least he could have a protege, or a nephew, someone. Whether Neil Patrick Harris can clear any of his schedule to drop by this potential spinoff, the story was fun and would still work well with a 2000's twist or two. 

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  • Friends 16 of 16

    The cast has said no, no way to a Friends reunion, but my hopes for another peek back into their lives are at least as big as those cups at Central Perk. Maybe we can get a holiday card that shows us what the Ross and Rachel/Chandler and Monica babies looked like all grown up? 

    I know, probably not. 

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