17 Rock Stars from the ’80s and ’90s — Then vs. Now!

The other day I was driving my daughter to school and was casually scrolling through the radio stations when one of my favorite songs from my youth popped on. I hadn’t heard “Rio” by Duran Duran in eons but it totally thrust me back to my tween years. I sang along loudly, remembering every single word, while my child sat in the backseat looking rather annoyed. I was filled with so much joy … until the break. “You’re listening to 98.1 Kiss FM the Bay Area’s hottest oldies station,” said the DJ. OLDIES? Then it hit me. I am OLD!!! MY music, the music of my youth, was now classified as “old school,” a label I still think belongs to Chuck Berry or Elvis Presley — not Duran Duran!

This got me wondering, what happened to the stars of my youth? Do they look like “oldies” themselves? I took to the Internet to see what has happened to some of the rockers of yore, not just to see what new projects they may have brewing but to see how much they have changed … and some have changed a WHOLE lot (and a few look exactly the same!).

Check out these 17 rock stars from the 1980s and 1990s right here. Which one shocks you the most?

  • 17 Rock Stars from the ’80s and ’90s — Then vs. Now! 1 of 18

    Check out how some of our favorite rock stars of yore have changed right here ...

  • Adam Ant 2 of 18

    Adam Ant is still touring, singing his old tunes (who could forget "Goody Two Shoes") and embracing his very unique style. Since his heyday, he's had some success with acting, appearing on such shows as Northern Exposure and Tales from the Crypt


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  • Joan Jett 3 of 18

    She may have a "bad reputation," but that hasn't slowed Joan Jett down. She has keep on rockin' all these years and even had Kristen Stewart play her in the biopic The Runways (2010).


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  • John Taylor 4 of 18

    My favorite Duran Duran member was John Taylor; I even had a poster of him on my wall. After Duran Duran took a hiatus, he joined Power Station and went on to do some acting roles and even became an author. His book In the Pleasure Groove: Love, Death, and Duran Duran chronicles his early days, his time in Duran Duran, and his later addictions and recovery. He is now reunited with the Duran Duran boys and is recording and touring. 

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  • Vince Neil 5 of 18

    Mötley Crüe's lead singer Vince Neil has lived QUITE the life; there have been arrests, marriages, deaths and lots of drama, oh and Skating with the Stars. But he is a survivor and has continued on, just with less makeup and hairspray.


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  • Madonna 6 of 18

    Madonna's star has never darkened; she continues to be a powerhouse even at the age of 55. Yes, MADONNA IS 55!


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  • Simon Le Bon 7 of 18

    Yes, Duran Duran is STILL touring, how could they not? They are DURAN DURAN. Simon Le Bon is still happily married to model Yasmine Le Bon (they were wed back in 1985) and is the father of three daughters (who are gorgeous, just like their parents).


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  • Jon Bon Jovi 8 of 18

    Jon Bon Jovi was once a wild man of rock, but now he is more an elder statesman. He not only continued his rock career but took on acting, having family, and political and charitable causes. He's been a busy, busy man.


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  • Axl Rose 9 of 18

    Axl Rose of Gun N' Roses fame has had battles with bandmates, family, and legal issues; he's pretty much stayed out of the limelight lately. Guns N' Roses was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but Axl Rose was a no-show due to his falling out with fellow bandmates.


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  • Robert Smith 10 of 18

    One thing's for sure, Robert Smith of The Cure may have gotten older but he is still sporting the same messy do and red lipstick. The 54-year-old is still doing his thing with his last recording being featured on Tim Burton's Frankenweenie soundtrack (a cover of the classic song "Witchcraft").


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  • Billy Idol 11 of 18

    Billy Idol and his "Rebel Yell" is still at it! He recently announced his European tour that is happening this summer. He is also in the midst of working on his autobiography which will be released later this year. And the hair — it's exactly the same!


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  • Vanilla Ice 12 of 18

    Ice, ice, baby! Vanilla Ice is still workin' it — extending his 15 minutes. He has continued to record albums, make guest appearances, and he even had a home remodel show on the DIY channel called the Vanilla Ice Project.


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  • Billy Ray Cyrus 13 of 18

    Billy Ray Cyrus didn't let being a "one hit wonder," stand in his way of having a long career. Initially known for his crossover hit "Achy Breaky Heart," he went on to acting in David Lynch's Mulholland Drive and starred in the TV series Doc. He then co-starred with daughter Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana.


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  • Eddie Vedder 14 of 18

    The Pearl Jam frontman hasn't changed AT ALL. Well, he may have a couple of wrinkles and a whole lot more money in his bank account, but he looks almost exactly the same. And he's still doing the same thing, as well — Pearl Jam is still touring the world.


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  • Courtney Love 15 of 18

    Courtney Love has always been outspoken and outrageous. After her days fronting her band Hole, she went on to acting (The People vs. Larry Flynt and Basquiat) and keeping her name in the gossip columns.


    Now she is getting ready to tour again and has a new YouTube series.  Yup, you can't get rid of Courtney Love!


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  • Gwen Stefani 16 of 18

    Gwen Stefani hasn't changed that much; she is just a far more fancy and refined version of her old self. She still has the bleach-blonde hair and the bright-red lipstick and you know what, I think she looks better than ever. She is still doing her thing with No Doubt, is a successful fashion designer, and is now the mother of THREE boys.


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  • Boy George 17 of 18

    Boy George of Culture Club fame is still at it. He's continuing to make music, has had a successful solo career, and still loves the makeup. He has had his share of legal issues, but he always landed on his feet.


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  • Bono 18 of 18

    Bono may have moved from his native Ireland and may have lost the mullet, but he has not left the spotlight. Bono of U2 has had a remarkable life as a singer, artist, and humanitarian.


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