18 Celebrity Summer Jobs — From Cleaning Toilets to Scooping Ice Cream

Although now their summers more than likely include lounging poolside at private resorts, yachting through Europe or, well, whatever they want — it wasn’t always the case. The first summer job is a rite of passage, and many celebrities toiled away like the rest of us — indoors. Doing something not at all glam. From cleaning toilets to slinging ice cream, see how today’s biggest stars first made their money.

  • Gwen Stefani 1 of 18
    Gwen Stefani at the Los Angeles premiere of 'Monsters University'

    Perhaps foreshadowing her love of lipstick, the singer and mom of two worked at a M.A.C. cosmetics counter. Another job at a Dairy Queen had its challenges. "I got so fat when I worked there," she once confessed in a radio interview

  • Amy Adams 2 of 18
    Amy Adams at the 85th Annual Academy Awards at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles

    This one is hard to imagine. After she graduated from high school, Amy was a Hooters girl. She worked as a hostess until she saved enough money ($900) to buy a used Chevrolet. 

  • Johnny Depp 3 of 18
    Johnny Depp grabs a coffee while on a break from filming his latest movie 'Transcendence' in Los Angeles

    The Lone Ranger star used to work at a gas station. Now that's a reason to spring for Full Service. 

  • Madonna 4 of 18
    Singer Madonna poses in the press room at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas

    The Material Girl worked behind the counter at a Dunkin' Donuts. As the story goes, the aspiring singer was fired for squirting jelly donuts at customers. 

  • Ashton Kutcher 5 of 18
    Ashton Kutcher grabs a quick lunch at Izakaya Sushi with an assistant, before hurrying to his car in Los Angeles

    The tech savvy actor/producer who will hit the big screen as Steve Jobs in August, once swept the floors at a General Mills factory. 

  • Ellen DeGeneres 6 of 18
    Ellen DeGeneres steps out in Los Angeles with the new iPhone5 in Los Angeles

    Ellen first job was as a clerk at a JC Penney in her hometown of Metairie, Louisiana. Fast forward a few decades and she became the brand's spokesperson. 

  • Eva Mendes 7 of 18
    Eva Mendes checks herself out of the Bowery Hotel in New York City

    The always fashionable star once had a summer job at the fast-food joint Hot Dog on a Stick, at the Glendale Galleria shopping mall. 

  • Jon Hamm 8 of 18
    'Mad Men' star Jon Hamm attends an event at The Paley Center for Media in New York City

    Cutting down trees and clearing brush. That's how Hamm spent his summer days in St. Louis, Missouri  -- where it was often 115 degrees! A far cry from the three martini lunches of Don Draper. 

  • Miley Cyrus 9 of 18
    Miley Cyrus at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas

    It's hard to believe but Miley once told Tyra Banks that her first job was cleaning toilets for an outfit called Sparkles Cleaning Service. She also said she was 11 years old at the time. Hmmm. 

  • Kanye West 10 of 18
    Kanye West seen at the Celine Fall-Winter 2013/2014 fashion show in Paris

    The new dad's interest in fashion started early. He once worked as a sales assistant at the Gap in Chicago and referenced the gig in his song "Spaceship." Years later he came back to the Gap for a "secret internship" to learn more about the business directly from EVP of Design, Patrick Robinson. 

  • Rachel McAdams 11 of 18
    Rachel McAdams wears a short, white dress as she arrives back at ther NYC hotel

    It was a family affair for the Canadian actress. Rachel used to flip burgers at McDonalds alongside her brother and sister. Her sister was her manager!

  • Brad Pitt 12 of 18
    Brad Pitt attends the 'World War Z' New York premiere at Times Square

    Not sure why they thought it was a good idea to cover up this face, but Brad used to greet customers outside an El Pollo Loco restaurant dressed in a chicken suit. 

  • Beyonce 13 of 18
    Beyonce attends the premiere of her documentary 'Beyonce: Life Is But A Dream' at the Ziegfeld Theatre in New York City

    Queen Bey used to sweep up hair at her mother's hair salon in Houston, Texas, and work as the receptionist. 

  • Nicole Kidman 14 of 18
    Actress Nicole Kidman seen at the photocall for the film 'The Paperboy' at the 65th Cannes Film Festival in France

    Before Days of Thunder and Tom Cruise, Nicole was a massage therapist in Australia.

  • Elizabeth Banks 15 of 18
    Elizabeth Banks leaves from Chateau Marmont in her black animal print dress in Hollywood

    For two summers Elizabeth worked at the "Pop-Corner." She handed popcorn out of the window of a red wagon. "It was about 197 degrees inside of it," she said.

  • Cory Monteith 16 of 18
    Cory Monteith is all smiles as he stops by an office building in Los Angeles

    Pre Glee, Cory worked as a Wal-Mart greeter, a car washer, and a taxi driver which, he said, was a great "character study." 

  • Megan Fox 17 of 18
    Actress Megan Fox seen filming for 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' at Times Square in New York City

    The actress used to dress up as a banana for a job at a smoothie cafe. "I had the option of apple or banana," Fox told Nylon magazine. "I always went with banana because it was thinner."

  • Orlando Bloom 18 of 18
    Orlando Bloom steps out for a coffee at Kings Road Cafe in West Hollywood

    When he was 13 years old, Orlando worked at a shooting range as a clay trapper. "People would go clay-pigeon shooting on the weekends," he said, "and when they said 'pull,' I was the one who released the pigeon. It was wild." 

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