Fall Style: 18 Celebs Gone Goth

I accidentally rocked a goth look a few times in college. Usually those unintentional fashion forward days came after nights where I did not manage to properly remove all of my eye makeup. So there I’d be, in my morning theatre history class, getting the nod from the cool girls in the back row. Instead of my usual squeaky clean nerd face, I was sporting, “I have seen the world and it is a very dark and mysterious planet” smoldering eyes.

What exactly is goth? Rolling Stone says goth “emerged from the ashes of punk” and “was drenched in darkness: black clothes and heavy eyeliner.” Time thinks the goth scene has roots that stretch as far back as Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Maxim W. Furek has made a living studying subcultures, including the goth scene. In his book, The Death Proclamation of Generation X: A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of Goth, he says. “The Goth Culture, equally fascinating, equally obscure, has been difficult, perhaps, impossible, to define.” Thanks for clearing that up, Maxim.

When celebs go goth, it’s not one size fits all. If anything, it is most likely more costume than lifestyle. Some stars love to go full goth for a red carpet event, while others just give a bit of a goth wink. Then there are celebs who have dark hair and love dark clothes so they manage to look a bit goth whether they mean to or not.

When I get glammed up for events now, I do confess I like to go heavy on the eye makeup. It makes me feel empowered and bold, loud, and stylish. With my super pale complexion, all I have to do is put on a black dress and I am quasi goth. It’s a fun thing!

18 Celebs Gone Goth

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    Celebs Gone Goth

    Maxim W. Furek explains in his book "the goth look is one of deliberate overstatement. Just a casual look at the heavy emphasis on dark flowing capes, ruffled cuffs, pale makeup, and dyed hair." Let's see how these celebs gone goth embraced the look.

  • Emma Stone 2 of 19

    If I could pull this off I would wear this kind of goth inspired look all day, every day. Oh yes, you would see me buying groceries in that lipstick and pumping my gas with my hair like that. Unfortunately I just don't have the ka-pow to pull it off. Thank goodness Emma does!


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  • Jessica Alba 3 of 19

    Jessica is rocking the goth makeup so well that I feel as if there could be fangs under her lips. Even her ombre hair color feels goth influenced. 


    Image Credit: PR Photos

  • Kerry Washington 4 of 19

    It's the combination of smoldering eye makeup, brooding bangs, and Victorian era lacework that makes Kerry's look ring goth. 


    Image Credit: PR Photos

  • Anne Hathaway 5 of 19

    Anne not only has the dark liner in this red carpet look, but she also seems to have a touch of the goth attitude. 


    Image Credit: PCN

  • Krysten Ritter 6 of 19

    Goth in the city! This look is so beautiful and graceful. The goth influences are obvious, but they are not heavy handed. 


    Image Credit: PCN

  • Christina Ricci 7 of 19

    With Christina's dark hair and pale complexion all she has to do is put on a black dress and dark eye makeup and we see traces of Wednesday Adams. 


    Image Credit: PR Photos

  • Dakota Fanning 8 of 19

    I wonder if Dakota started dabbling in her goth look after her role as a vampire in The Twilight Saga


    Image Credit: PCN

  • Katy Perry 9 of 19

    Dark hair: check

    Dark and smoldering eye makeup: check

    Dark Victorian influenced dress: check

    Goth look: Nailed it!


    Image Credit: PR Photos

  • Jada Pinkett Smith 10 of 19

    Jada doesn't often wear eye shadow and just this touch of dark green, coupled with this dark and elaborate coat was enough to send her to the goth style world. 


    Image Credit: PR Photos

  • Kristen Stewart 11 of 19

    While Kristen has gone for a silver eye it is the dark lashes and carefree dark hair that edge this into the goth world. What really takes it there is the black lace dress. 


    Image Credit: PCN

  • Lady Gaga 12 of 19

    Even underneath Gaga's shades you can see the BOLD dark eyes. Her wine colored lips, white powered makeup, and dark jacket turn her into Lady Goth.


    Image Credit: PCN

  • Maggie Gyllenhaal 13 of 19

    This red carpet look on Maggie is a beautiful example of understated celeb goth: dark eyes, Victorian influences in hair and clothes, and understated everywhere else.


    Image Credit: PR Photos

  • Courteney Cox 14 of 19

    Courtney is another actress who looks goth whether she plans on it or not. With her beautiful dark hair, pale skin, and dark outfit she's got a touch of the goth here.


    Image Credit: PR Photos

  • Winona Ryder 15 of 19

    Of course my favorite celebrity goth is, and always will be, Winona. I thought she looked beautiful in Beetlejuice and I think she looks great when she goes all out with the eyeliner and dark lipstick. She can pull it off!


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  • Mary-Kate Olsen 16 of 19

    While Mary-Kate doesn't have dark hair or a heavy eyeliner, her look is certainly giving a wink to the goth style of fashion with the Edwardian influenced jewelry and the black silk dress. Her shocking white hair also feels like a nod to the goth subculture. 


    Image Credit: PR Photos

  • Sean Penn 17 of 19

    Sean Penn plays goth very well. This is Sean playing Cheyenne, a goth musician, in This Must Be the Place, a quiet film from the 2012 Sundance season. 


    Image Credit: PCN

  • Victoria Beckham 18 of 19

    I'm not sure how often Posh gets called a goth, but with this red carpet look Victoria is just a smidge gothic. The smoldering eyes, dark hair, dark dress, and the the real kicker, the tough looking hardware on the dress, all point to a goth influence.


    Image Credit: PR Photos

  • Taylor Momsen 19 of 19

    Before Gossip Girl wrapped, young Taylor Momsen was making sure the world knew she was not the squeaky clean prep school girl from the hit TV show. Now with a new album about to be released, Taylor actually makes the news when she doesn't go goth.


    Image Credit: PCN

Want to try the goth look this month? Check out this popular tutorial for an “editorial goth” from Julia Graf.

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