2 Guns is the Ultimate Chick Flick

This last weekend I went out to dinner with some girlfriends. After dinner we talked about going to a movie. Have you ever tried to find a movie for a group of people to go to? It’s ridiculously challenging. You toss out a film suggestion and either someone has already seen it, someone doesn’t “do” sci-fi, someone is waiting to see the film with their husband, or someone just isn’t in the mood for something “so heavy.” That was how it went for us this weekend.

We finally decided to go see Red 2 on the solid notion of, “Everyone loves Helen Mirren.”

Imagine our reaction when we realized we had the showtimes wrong and had arrived at the cinema twenty minutes into the movie. We went through the list of films playing at the cineplex to find an alternative movie and had a round of, “I am NOT going to see an animated film!” and “I already saw that twice” before someone suggested 2 Guns. I had a very vague idea of what the movie was about (meaning I simply was aware of the cast), but while I was mulling on the idea one friend stomped her foot, “I do NOT DO westerns!”

Westerns? Was this a Western? I honestly had no idea. We all retreated to a corner of the lobby and checked our smart phones for plot points and details. A friend with the fastest phone connection speed raised her fist and shouted triumphantly, “NOT a western! It’s a caper!” We all looked up and blinked at each other. We looked over at the one sheet poster featuring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg, back to back holding guns. It was about as macho as you could get. But we were out of the house on a Saturday night and by jove we were going to see a movie.

We were surprised to realize 2 Guns is totally a chick flick. It doesn’t feature a female lead, and there isn’t a huge romance story line, or even a makeover montage, but if you usually gravitate towards exclusively chick flicks there might be some elements of 2 Guns that appeal to you.

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    2 Guns is a Total Chick Flick

    When I say "chick flick" I simply mean, just because this film is being marketed towards men, don't let that keep you away. If you usually gravitate towards female driven movies there is a lot to enjoy in this over the top heist movie! There are power plays, snappy dialogue, and the kind of car chase I wish more chick flicks would have. Wait. Do ANY chick flicks have car chases? We need to work on this!


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  • 1. Mark and Denzel Are Like Julia and Meg 2 of 6

    The Mark Wahlberg/ Denzel Washington combo is perfect. We go to chick flicks because we relate to the female leads as if they are our friends. Julia Roberts in Runaway Bride or Meg Ryan in You've Got Mail - we GET these women because we ARE these women. Mark and Denzel do a great job of bringing many layers to their characters and while we may not BE these men, we certainly recognize them.


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  • 2. The Juicy and Complicated Relationships 3 of 6

    The Denzel and Mark relationship is...complicated. Just like in our favorite chick flicks where our girl falls for the wrong guy, and you want to yell at the screen, "NO! Not him!! Don't you realize your best friend has been in love with you for years?!!" 2 Guns will make you squirm with relationship frustration. 


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  • 3. The Familiar TV Drama Language 4 of 6

    I'm a big time Grey's Anatomy fan and I know a nod when I hear it. In 2 Guns there is a lot of talk of "having people" and knowing "who your people are." Sound familiar? Yup. You know it's a chick flick when there are multiple conversations and references to "people."


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  • 4. The Love Interest Has a Real Body 5 of 6

    This isn't exactly chick flick related, more like, "You won't be annoyed by the chick in the movie." Paula Patton (also known as the real life wife of musician Robin Thicke) plays a very interesting character in the movie. Sure there are some (okay, yes) gratuitous, nude scenes, but what I couldn't help but notice was that Paula isn't a waif. Usually in a male dominated movie geared towards a male dominated audience the female character ends up looking unrealistic in every way. 


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  • 5. The Bad Guy is REALLY Bad 6 of 6

    If you are going to have a movie with two utterly adorable and charming good guys you MUST have fantastic bad guys. Bill Paxton was just about as creepy as possible as Earl. It's a bit of a tw0-dimensional bad guy role, but oh man is he just good at being bad!  


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