2014 Emmy™ Predictions: My Picks vs. A Roll of the Dice



I’ve got them right here: The 2014 Emmy predictions you’ve been waiting for! A team of experts have analyzed every element of every nominee and determined exactly who should get your checkmark on the pre-show Emmy ballot. What’s that you say? You want to know HOW the experts have made the predictions?

Um …

You see, that’s just it. Experts can weigh in on the nominees and use statistics that might involve ratings, viewership numbers, and critical reviews; but many times experts are wrong. Throwing a bunch of data into a pot and expecting to come up with the same results as voting members of the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is ridiculous.

In the past I have studied each category and nominee and tried to look to the future to see who would be walking up the stairs and reaching forward to collect the coveted statue. However, when I think about it, all I’ve really been doing is wishful thinking.

It occurred to me I may have better luck at actually winning my personal Emmy pool if I predicted winners in a truly random way. After all, every person or show in a category is worthy of winning. Could a roll of the dice predict a winner over my personal category favorite? I’ll never really know until I put it to the test.

I found an online dice roller and “rolled” it for each major award category to be presented at the Emmys. As there are six nominees in every category, it worked out perfectly to assign each nominee a number. Whatever number the dice landed on would be the randomly selected predicted winner.

Of course I still want to hope my favorites are true contenders! Now we just have to wait until August 25th to see which predictions were right, or if neither of them were. The prediction on the left (with a heart) is my pick to win and the image on the right (with the dice) is simply how the dice rolled.

Watching the Emmys is one of my favorite things to do every year. I love that it’s a live event both coasts can enjoy together, that there’s sparkle and speeches, that sometimes I weep over a win and sometimes I roll my eyes and sigh. When it comes to predicting the Emmy winners, it seems like there is a bit of luck tossed in with a bit of random. You truly just never know how these 2014 Emmy predictions will go!


Seth Meyers will host the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards on NBC on August 25, 2014 at 8 PM EST/5 PM PST.

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