21 Stars Who Celebrate Halloween Birthdays


Halloween is not just a day to celebrate candy, black cats, not-so-scary witches, and the ability to wear pretty much whatever anyone wants anywhere, from the street to the office to school. It also happens to be the birthday of many stars of film, television, music, and the cultural arts. John Keats was born on Halloween, and so was Vanilla Ice, a similarity that brings me great joy, almost as much as the knowledge that King Ad-Rock and Willow Smith also belong to the Halloween Baby Club.

I feel a certain solidarity with these Halloween birthday celebrities, because I know from experience that holiday birthdays can be tricky. My birthday is December 27. Two days after Christmas can be a dicey time to celebrate anything that isn’t directly related to that major holiday. I’m a veteran of the birthday gift shoved into a Santa Claus bag, the card not bought because “the mall was just a zoo,” and the sad wasteland of children who couldn’t come to my birthday parties because they’d gone over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house.

Yes, you may start the symphony of tiny violins right now.

I don’t think that Halloween kids (or grown-ups, for that matter) have it quite so bad. (And no, I didn’t have it that bad. Work with me, here.) School is definitely in session this week, so the odds that they get to see their friends are pretty high. Plus all bets are off as far as sugar consumption goes, not just at school, but in most neighborhoods, too. Halloween is a great big party, so no matter how old you are, it’s an opportunity to pretend that the world is celebrating with you and for you, which is admittedly pretty cool. I have a good friend who was born on Independence Day, and she still believes the fireworks are for her. I see no reason for Halloween birthday celebrators not to say the same about trick or treating. vanilla-ice-small

Let’s take a look at the diverse group of famous people who came into the world on October 31st. (Oh, and because I don’t want anyone to miss this fun fact: the late, great John Candy was born on Halloween. John CANDY. Halloween. Perfect.

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  • Happy Halloween Birthday To These 21 Stars. 1 of 20
  • Larry Mullen, Jr. 2 of 20

    The baby who would grow up to be the drummer for U2 was born in Dublin on 31 October 1961, as they say there.   

    Image credit: Wikipedia

  • Willow Smith 3 of 20

    Will and Jada's little girl made their plans for them on Halloween in the year 2000 (and likely every year since, at least a little bit.) 

    Image credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Holly Taylor 4 of 20

    Paige on FX's The Americans turns Sweet Sixteen this Halloween. Her actual arrival was notable because she was the first baby in 25 years in her Nova Scotia community to be born in an ambulance


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  • Johnny Marr 5 of 20

    Guitar player for The Smiths, Halloween 1963 marked his musical entrance to the planet. New Musical Express granted him the Godlike Genius Award earlier this year.

    Image credit: Wikipedia

  • Dan Rather 6 of 20

    Arguably America's most iconic living newscaster, Dan Rather was born on Halloween, 1931, in Wharton County, Texas. 

    Image credit: Wikipedia

  • Helmut Newton 7 of 20

    The late, great fashion photographer was born in Berlin on Halloween, 1920. 

    Image credit: Wikipedia

  • John Keats 8 of 20

    Poet John Keats' short life — he would die of tuberculosis complications at 25 — began on Halloween, 1795. 

    Image credit: Wikipedia

  • John Candy 9 of 20

    Born on Halloween in 1950, this iconic comedian died far too young. It's unbelievable that next year will mark the 20th anniversary of his passing from a heart attack. 

    Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

  • Katherine Paterson 10 of 20

    The author of beloved young adult novels Bridge to Terabithia and Jacob Have I Loved was born on October 31, 1932. 

    Image credit: Facebook

  • Michael Landon 11 of 20

    The late, much-lamented Michael Landon, aka Pa Ingalls, was born Eugene Orowitz in Queens, New York, on Halloween, 1936. 

    Image credit: Wikipedia

  • Jane Pauley 12 of 20

    My first inspiration in journalism, Jane Pauley was born on Halloween, 1950, in Indianapolis. 

    Image credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Vanilla Ice 13 of 20

    Robert Van Winkle, aka Vanilla Ice, was a Halloween baby who made his entrance in Dallas in 1967. 

    Image credit: Facebook

  • Adam Bouska 14 of 20

    Born on Halloween, 1983, Adam Bouska went on to a successful photography career in his 20s, and in recent years co-founded the NOH8 movement, a photographic effort "to promote marriage, gender and human equality through education, advocacy, social media, and visual protest." 

    Image credit: Facebook

  • Mike O’Malley 15 of 20

    Well-known for playing Burt Hummel, Kurt's father on Glee, Mike O'Malley was born on October 31, 1966. 

    Image credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Adam Horovitz (King Ad-Rock) 16 of 20

    King Ad-Rock of the Beastie Boys entered the world on Halloween, 1966. 

    Image credit: Wikimedia

  • Peter Jackson 17 of 20

    Halloween, 1961, is the day when the master of the shire (on film, anyway) was born in New Zealand, the future location of many of his films. 

    Image credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Dermot Mulroney 18 of 20

    Television and film actor Dermot Mulroney was born on October 31, 1963, in Alexandria, Virginia. 

    Image credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Piper Perabo 19 of 20

    Piper Perabo collected one of the most alliterative given names in show business on October 31, 1976 in Dallas. 

    Image credit: Pacific Coast News

  • Rob Schneider 20 of 20

    Rob Schneider, the actor I will forever identify as the "makin' copies" guy on Saturday Night Live was born on Halloween, 1963. 

    Image credit: Wikipedia

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