21 TV Homes I’d Love to Live In

I moved around a lot when I was growing up, so sometimes the most familiar places I knew were TV homes. I couldn’t tell you the floor plan or color of the carpeting for several of the homes in my childhood, but if you give me a pencil and a piece of paper I could quickly sketch the complete floor plan of the apartment from Three’s Company.

When we fall in love with a TV show we fall in love with more than just the characters. Many times we end up daydreaming about the homes and locations that these characters live: the ranch on Dallas, the Huxtable’s kitchen on The Cosby Show, the dorm rooms on Felicity, Castle‘s writing den.

Ever since I was amazed by the infinite possibilities of Oscar’s trash can, I have been dog-earing TV homes and collecting snippets of a dream house.

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    Where is your TV dream house?

  • Trash Can on Sesame Street: 1969 2 of 22

    It really did start with a trash can. Oscar's trash can on Sesame Street seemed so amazing and infinite, like the bottomless bag that Mary Poppins carried around. The inside of his trash can was never revealed until the 1999 release of The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland.

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  • Apartment in building on Three’s Company: 1976 3 of 22

    The actual apartments in the building of Three's Company are pretty great. If you are in a roommate type of situation, you couldn't do better. I remember thinking how cool it would be to live in a home with arched doorways and with ALL THE WICKER FURNITURE.

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  • Southfork Ranch on Dallas: 1978 4 of 22

    The Southfork Ranch is an actual place in Parker, Texas. The ranch was scouted to be used for location of what was to be a five-part series. Then we all wanted more, more, more Southfork!

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  • The boarding house on Facts of Life: 1979 5 of 22

    Let it be clear, I am ABSOLUTELY not dream-housing over the pastel store set from later seasons of The Facts of Life. What I loved was the idea of living in a huge old house like the girls did on the first season, you know, the season with Molly Ringwald in it. You can see how cool the bedrooms were in the first season in this episode where Tootie finds everyone's I.Q. scores.

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  • The family home on Family Ties: 1982 6 of 22

    I had serious family kitchen envy. I can't tell you what any other room in the Keaton house looks like, but the kitchen was something that stuck with me. I loved how it was the hub for the family at all points of the day.

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  • The Huxtable’s home on The Cosby Show: 1984 7 of 22

    Everything about the Huxtable's apartment seemed perfect to me. The home was the perfect size for a large family and yet it never felt obnoxiously large. There was a sense of energy and movement always happening as one family member walked in through the front door, and then we panned through the living room to the welcoming kitchen where Dr. Huxtable would be be hunting for a snack in the fridge.

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  • An apartment in the building of 227: 1985 8 of 22

    No matter what, you knew that the women in 227 cared about each other. As a girl being rasied by a single mom I remember thinking how cool it would have been to have had this sort of extended network of women looking out for me.

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  • The girl’s house in The Golden Girls: 1985 9 of 22

    True story: some of my closest friends and I OFTEN day dream about the day when we will be geriatric roommates. I will strongly petition for us to not live in a warm state, but the floor plan of the Miami bungalow the Golden Girls shared is 100% for us.

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  • Design home office on Designing Women: 1986 10 of 22

    The home office of Julia Sugarbaker was always company-ready. Immaculate and yet inviting. I loved the southern charm of this home and the openness. The home used in the exterior shots actually exists in Little Rock, AK and if you happen to be in those parts you can check in on Four Square to Julia's house.

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  • The playhouse on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse: 1986 11 of 22

    How could you not want to live in a playhouse in Puppetland that was literally alive with friends like Chairy and Magic Screen?!

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  • The mansion on Rags to Riches: 1987 12 of 22

    The Bel Air mansion on Rags to Riches came with a butler named Clapper and GIANT closets. You also couldn't beat the immaculately landscaped yard which seemed to be perfect for big dance numbers.

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  • Murphy’s house on Murphy Brown: 1988 13 of 22

    I can't speak to the floor plan of Murphy Brown's house, but I do love the idea of having a live-in painter who then becomes a live-in nanny.

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  • Apartment in Melrose Place: 1992 14 of 22

    I was never a huge fan of Melrose Place when it originally aired, but I did think it would have been cool to live in an apartment complex with people I knew. Years later I realized I was living in a version of the complex in Los Angeles. I lived in a 2-story complex with a pool in the center, and I knew and hung out with most of the people in the complex. It was thankfully not as exciting as the TV Melrose Place.

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  • Both apartments in Friends: 1994 15 of 22

    The best friend apartments on Friends is SUCH the friend fantasy. How great to be able to either live with your best friend or live across the hall from them. Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde created a seriously beautiful sketch of the two apartments that make them seem all the more swoon-worthy.

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  • A dorm room on Felicity: 1998 16 of 22

    This show aired a few years after I was a college student in NYC, and let me tell you my dorm was NOTHING like Felicity's. I think her dorm situation is a total fantasy but man did I covet it! The big communal space, the large bed rooms, the hunky RAs ... who had that? (By the way, team Noel forever and always.)

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  • The White House on The West Wing: 1999 17 of 22

    I don't want to be the president, but if my son is elected or is married to someone who is, I would be quite happy being tucked away in one of the guest rooms in the West Wing.

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  • Meredith and Derek’s dream house on Grey’s Anatomy: 2005 18 of 22

    Derek and Meredith have clearly built a sanctuary as so many of their friends flock to their dream house to become restored. I love what the home represents, the amazing views, and that there always seems to be plenty of room for unexpected guests.

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  • Adjoining homes on Big Love: 2006 19 of 22

    There have been many days where I wish I could have pitched in to help a friend with a bit of parenting help or housework help. I mean who couldn't use a sister wife every once in a while? I often day dream about being able to live on the same block as my best friends and sharing a back yard for our kids to play.

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  • Castle’s apartment on Castle: 2009 20 of 22

    Castle's writing den in his (presumably) SoHo apartment is SO NICE. He usually shares the home with both his mother and his daughter, and yet it seems as if everyone has their own space.

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  • Grayson mansion on Revenge: 2011 21 of 22

    The Grayson mansion is ideal for 3 reasons: it is super high-tech with the most advanced security system TV can imagine, the penthouse balcony is so poetic it hurts, and if you are going to plot revenge on your neighbors — it's nice to have an ocean view.

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  • Estate on Downton Abbey: 2010 22 of 22

    Upstairs or downstairs there is plenty of room! Oddly I think I would rather live here as a worker in the kitchen as I do love the family style meals that always happen.

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