25 Days of Entertainment: The Complete Advent Calendar

Complete Advent CalendarChances are you have been up since before the sun today in anticipation of holiday excitement. Maybe the chirp of new toys and electronics has become the soundtrack for your Christmas morning. I always love the rush of finally landing on The Big Day, but then there is a certain moment when I feel like it all happened too soon. Where did the month go? How is it the end of December? ALREADY?

I’ve enjoyed celebrating these last 24 days on Babble via our Advent Calendar. It has allowed me to find the hidden pockets of wonderful in a month that usually has a laser beam just on the 25th day. Beyond the celebrity birthdays and the quirky entertainment historical facts there is simply a gratitude for each day.

Did December go by too fast for you? Find a quiet spot (or plug in some headphones) and take a moment to look back on the last 24 days. What did you miss?

Babble Entertainment Complete Advent Calendar:

  • December 25 1 of 25
    Complete Entertainment Advent

    Merry Christmas to all celebrating today! Let's take a look back on the last 24 days of our Entertainment Advent!

  • December 1 2 of 25

    128 years ago some lucky person enjoyed the very first ever sip of Dr. Pepper. The soft drink made its debut in 1885 and has been enjoying being NOT cola ever since. My favorite instance of Dr. Pepper in film is the scene in Forrest Gump where he realizes it is an open bar at the White House. Forrest pounds bottle after bottle and when it's finally time to meet JFK he tells him, "I gotta pee."


    Find out what else happened on December 1.


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  • December 2 3 of 25

    Britney Spears celebrates turning 32 today, and tomorrow she celebrates the much-anticipated release of her new album Britney Jean. Britney has "dedicated her birthday" to St. Jude's Children's Hospital. In amessage to her fans she writes, "This year, I'm doing something different for my birthday. I'm dedicating it to the kids of St. Jude. Help me out by not buying me a gift this year. Buy them a gift instead — the gift of another birthday."


    Find out what else happened on December 2.


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  • December 3 4 of 25

    We have a young TV director to thank for the NBC "Elvis Comeback Special" that aired on December 3, 1968.The Guardian reports that a 26-year-old Steve Binder is the one who convinced Elvis to perform music other than Christmas carols.


    Find out what else happened on December 3.


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  • December 4 5 of 25

    Let me see you smize! Tyra Banks, the supermodel, actress, inventor of unusual words, and creator of America's Next Top Model, turns 40 today. Booty Tooch on this: Tyra has been branching out into the tech world. Tyra has invested in Locket and Flixel, a photo editing app available for download on iTunes.


    Find out what else happened on December 4.


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  • December 5 6 of 25

    One hundred and twelve years ago, in a small house in Chicago, Walt Disney was born. There have been some lovely things shared and written about Mr. Disney here on Babble. In honor of his birthday here are two of my recent favorites:
    • Those Who Knew Him: Knowing Walt Disney By Way of His Friends
    • 23 Things You May Not Know About Walt Disney!


    Find out what else happened on December 5.


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  • December 6 7 of 25

    On December 6, 1964, America saw Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer for the first time ever on TV. The special was in color and aired on NBC as part of "The General Electric Fantasy Hour." Narrated by the lovable Burl Ives as The Snowman, Rudolph is one of the old-school holiday classics that has been such a treat to introduce to my son.


    Find out what else happened on December 6.


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  • December 7 8 of 25

    Sara Bareilles woke up this morning to a wonderful birthday gift! The singer-songwriter and pianist was nominated for a Grammy for Album of the YearShe told MTV about her reaction to hearing the news, "It's no secret that this was a big surprise to me. My manager called and then I proceeded to run around my hotel room screaming my face off and probably making my neighbors want to call security, because they were probably like, ‘What is happening to that poor woman?"


    FInd out what else happened on December 7


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  • December 8 9 of 25

    The talented Sammy Davis, Jr. was born on this day. The performer was humble with his gift. "What have I got? No looks, no money, no education. Just talent."


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  • December 9 10 of 25

    Dame Judi Dench is one of my all-time favorite actors. She turns 79 today and is currently staring in Philomena, a movie inspired by the real-life journey of a woman on a quest to find her biological son. I love that Judi and her daughter and grandson all live together as a modern family unit. It is a household that mirrors my own and I do think my mother is every bit as stately and wonderful as Judi is. 


    Find out what else happened on December 9


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  • December 10 11 of 25

    This is a day to remember and celebrate your favorite Emily Dickinson poem. The poet was born on this day in 1830. A film about the life of Emily Dickinson is in the works. A Quiet Passion is a project being helmed by Terence Davies and will star Cynthia Nixon as Emily. 


    Find out what else happened on December 10


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  • December 11 12 of 25

    Today Academy Award winning actress, Mo'Nique turns 46 years old. The comic turned actress is now about to make another turn to afternoon talk show host. Earlier this year it was announced on The Hollywood Reporter that Mo'Nique is working on a syndicated talk show with ABC/Disney for the fall of 2014. A mom to four boys (including 8-year-old twins), Mo'Nique has been tweeting her weight loss journey for the last year. She frequently posts photos of herself working out with inspirational messages to her followers: "Save your life TODAY."


    Find out what else happened on December 11


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  • December 12 13 of 25

    Bill Nighy is just one of the many stars of the controversial holiday film, Love, Actually. Today the English actor turns 64. While Bill had enjoyed a successful acting career in the UK for years before the release of Love, Actually in 2003, it was his performance as the brutally honest has-been rocker Billy Mack that brought him wider acclaim.


    Find out what else happened on December 12


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  • December 13 14 of 25

    Taylor Swift got the gift of friendship for her birthday this year. Today Taylor celebrates her 23rd birthday and earlier this week she was seen hanging out with and having fun with up-and-coming star, LordeNew York Magazine reports this is the second time the girls have hung out this month, and in rockstar time, that is epic.


    Find out what else happened on December 13.


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  • December 14 15 of 25

    The first movie I ever saw in a movie theatre was Saturday Night Fever. The John Travolta disco film premiered on this day in New York on 1977. John Badham, the director of the film, was not prepared for Travolta's charisma on location. He quickly discovered how difficult it was to film the opening scene of the film, as crowds would swarm the set. He says, "It started with a few school girls noticing him who then became hundreds and then thousands, and by noontime of that day, we had to quit and go home."


    Find out what else happened on December 14


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  • December 15 16 of 25

    Lady Mary is celebrating a birthday today! Ok, actually it is actress Michelle Dockery who is turning 32, but the star feels very attached to her character. In a recent interview with UK In Style magazine Michelle talks about how great it is to have job security in her life right now. "I worked out I moved 16 times from the age of 19, just hopping about from different flats, because I couldn't always afford to stay. It's lovely to feel stability."


    Find out what else happened on December 15


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  • December 16 17 of 25

    Today is Jane Austen Day! The writer was born on this day in 1775. The official Jane Austen website points out that while she only completed six novels, there are heaps of films and TV shows that reference her work. Seriously,Jane Austen's IMDB page is pretty darn impressive! I'm a fan of all of it. Just point me towards the next film installment, and I am there. Zombies? Sure. A low-budget thriller? No problem. You had me at Austen.


    Find out what else happened on December 16


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  • December 17 18 of 25

    Super model turned actress Milla Jovovich is 38 today. Milla recently got fist bumps from women around the world when she announced she was just fine with the size she was, even if that size was larger than it used to be. Milla says: "I always notice guys are more attentive when you have a little weight on you. My husband always loves it. [He says]: ‘Your boobs! Your arse looks amazing!'"


    Find out what else happened on December 17


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  • December 18 19 of 25

    There must be something in the stars on this date as some of the most powerful celebrities were born today. Brad Pitt is FIFTY,Keith Richards is SEVENTY, Katie Holmes is THIRTY-FIVE, andChristina Aguilera and Steven Spielberg are ages that don't feel like they need to be in all caps (33 and 67, respectively.) This is one birthday party I would love to be invited to.


    Find out what else happened on December 18


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  • December 19 20 of 25

    I vividly remember when Titanic opened on December 19, 1997. It was a Friday and everyone went to the morning showing of the film. Before the credits began at the end of the film people were already talking about going to see the movie again during the weekend. That weekend I saw lines around the block with people waiting to buy tickets. It was the first time I really understood what "blockbuster" meant.


    Find out what else happened on December 19


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  • December 20 21 of 25

    On December 20, 1880 Charles Francis Brush and his Brush Electric Light Company forever changed the way we see a part of New York City. Carbon arc lights were installed on Broadway from 14th Street to 34th Street. From that evening on, that stretch of Broadway became known as the "Great White Way." Looking for a great book on the history of Broadway? Broadway: American Musical by Michael Kantor and Laurence Maslon is an outstanding companion book to the riveting PBS series.


    Find out what else happened on December 20


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  • December 21 22 of 25

    Best Unusual Fact about Samuel L. Jackson:
    He used to be Bill Cosby's stand-in on the Cosby Show. He says, "I was the right height, and I was the right skin tone. We did the blocking, while they did the camera choreography because it was a three-camera show. For two to three years, they would put his crazy sweaters on me."


    Find out what else happened on December 21


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  • December 22 23 of 25

    The amazing and stunning Diane Sawyer is 68 today. Forbes rates her as the 73rd most powerful woman in the world. One of the most powerful stories Diane has covered recently is about a school in Philadelphia: Strawberry Mansion. Earlier this Winter I wept as I watched a report Diane gave about the state of this school. The report was an introduction to the principal of the school, Linda Cliatt-Wayman, as a speaker at the Pennsylvania Conference of Woman. This update from Diane is truly amazing and worth a watch. You will weep.


    Find out what else happened on December 22


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  • December 23 24 of 25

    Happy birthday to Eddie Vedder! Yesterday was the anniversary of the creation of Pearl Jam and today is Eddie's day. Watch this fun video of Eddie performing a cover of "Shattered" by the Rolling Stones with Jeanne Tripplehorn.


    Find out what else happened on December 23


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  • December 24 25 of 25

    There are many birthdays in the entertainment world today.Stephenie Meyer, Ryan Seacrest, Ricky Martin … me! Read more about celebrity holiday birthdays here.


    Find out what else happened on December 24


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