5 Gift Ideas For Single Moms on Father’s Day

Sandra is a single mom on Father's Day - you think she would like a gift?If you look on a lot of sites right now they are offering super helpful gift guides for Father’s Day. Very handy. Very helpful.

To all of you Dad’s out there I give you a solid fist bump. I feel like I can give you guys the nod about Father’s Day stuff because I’m a single mom and when my little guy does a craft at school for the occasion he brings it home to me. I get the tie shaped tissue paper collage and the wood stick, um, thing. (and I LOVE them.)

January Jones or Sandra Bullock may not get gifts this June, ditto for Minnie Driver and Sheryl Crow, but they should . I am ALL for single parents celebrating all of the parent holidays. Single dad? Oh you totally get pancakes and roses on Mother’s Day too! It’s time for single mom’s to start quietly hinting what might make some good gifts for us and naturally I have some suggestions.

You may notice that there are ten gift ideas and yet I say “5 for single moms”. What I’ve done is taken 5 of the most traditional gifts we have bestowed upon men for Father’s Day and come up with their single mom gift counterpart. Enjoy!

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    Gift Ideas for the Single Mom on Father's Day

    Sure,  a gift guide for single moms on Father's Day is untraditional, but if you are a single mom like me, NOTHING is traditional anymore! 


    Image Credit: Drawing of Cyprinoid observed near Fort Vancouver in 1841, drawn by Joseph Drayton for the United States Exploring Expedition, 1838-1842.

  • Mustache Mugs 2 of 11

    Many fathers will be gifted with something that falls into the 'stache trend this year. These mugs are so cute I wouldn't kick them out of my Keurig.


    You can get these, a set of five, for $12.95 on Etsy.


    Image Credit: frankieandcocopdx

  • Lipstick Mug 3 of 11

    When searching for the Mom counterpart to the 'stach trend the obvious answer was lipstick. This lipstick mug was part of an experiment in mug package branding. So sadly it is not (yet) available anywhere for sale. It is super cute though and I think it would crack my kid up in the morning.


    Image Credit: Mouth Mug Series Creative Team

  • T-Bone Steak Apron 4 of 11

    This apron from the Snappy Shop on Etsy cracks me up. From Betty, the shop owner, "This is a fun Father's Day gift for your favorite BBQ King, a handmade men's bbq apron featuring a T-Bone steak pocket!" Well who doesn't want to give Dad a steak pocket?


    Image Credit: Snappy Shop

  • BBQ Queen Apron 5 of 11

    The clear choice for a single mom would be to gift her with her very own BBQ Queen apron. This one would be just dandy.


    Image Credit: Cool Aprons

  • Cufflinks 6 of 11

    I think the idea of cufflinks are so cool. These happen to be a quote from How I Met Your Mother. (Cute, right?) You can get these from the Alexa Lane shop on Etsy - they will customize the cufflinks to say whatever you wish.


    Image Credit: Leigh and Nadine, owners of Alexa Lane

  • Cufflink Earrings 7 of 11

    When I found out that crafters were creating earrings out of vintage cufflinks I got super excited! Not only would this make a great gift for a single mom, but this would be something wonderful to do with any cufflink heirlooms. These beauties came from Anastatia's Button Jewelry store on Etsy. She makes works of art from vintage and found items.


    Image Credit: Carolyn Aylward

  • Necktie 8 of 11

    Now who doesn't love a beautiful plaid necktie gifted for Father's Day?! This is one of Tommy Hilfiger's Sunwashed Plaids and I think it's such a great look. I would wear this plaid in an A-line dress tomorrow. If Tommy were to make such a thing.


    Image Credit: Macy's

  • Necklace 9 of 11

    Well if we can't rock an Annie Hall look, single moms can always embrace necklaces. This Betsey Johnson Necklace is simple and yet it has some quirky conversation pieces that could be fun for a single mom on a date or entertaining her kid while waiting to pick up the dry cleaning.


    Image Credit: Macy's  

  • Decanter One 10 of 11

    This gift is for all of the Don Draper dads out there. Simple, elegant, what's not to get? This decanter  is from Crate & Barrel. From their site, "This alluring design puts on an intriguing display filled with colorful elixirs or on its own."


    Image Credit: Crate & Barrel

  • Decanter Two 11 of 11

    Now for the Peggy Olson decanter. That's right, single mamas can enjoy something this beautiful as well! This is another offering from Crate & Barrel. From their site, "Cascading ripples flow into a wide angled base echoed in the sizeable stopper, ground and polished to a perfect fit, for a distinctive silhouette on bar or table." Cheers!


    Image Credit: Crate & Barrel

Image Credit for Sandra: PR Photos, with edits
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