5 More Reasons To Love Patrick Dempsey

With new stories breaking every day with updates to our favorite fall shows, we have Grey’s on the brain. Season 10 begins in just over a month on September 26 with a 2 hour episode. (mmmmm. 2 hours!) Yesterday’s big news was the announcement that Sandra Oh will be leaving Seattle Grace at the end of this season.

When the news started to come out regarding Sandra’s departure it was all very, “Keep calm, Dempsey is not gone!”

We love him on Grey’s, but there is more to him to love beyond the McDreamy. A lot more.

This past weekend my friend Erin was at an event, and wearing a shirt that was designed as a fundraiser by our friend Lindsay. Lindsay is training to run the NYC Marathon to raise money for cancer research, and to raise awareness about melanoma. Our friend JJ has melanoma. When one of your best friends gets cancer there really isn’t a lot you can DO, and oh man do you really want to DO stuff. Lindsay is one of the most proactive people we know, so she channeled her love for running into a way to DO something about cancer.

This is how Team Bluebird was created. It’s fundraising, yes, but it’s also a place of hope and love. Over 270 people make up Team Bluebird: friends, family, coworkers, neighbors – all connected to JJ. All day, every day, messages of love and support fly out to JJ from the team. Inspirational notes, images of bluebirds (an especially symbolic image for her), and the occasional Zac Efron gif decorate the page.

So when Erin happened to run into Patrick Dempsey at her event over the weekend, and he happened to remark on her shirt, she told him all about Team Bluebird. And he listened. Cancer isn’t just something he knows from his day job as Dr. Derek Shepherd. It was 1997 when Patrick’s mom was first diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She was successfully treated, but then the cancer returned twice before finally going into remission.

When a celebrity does something as simple as listen it’s pretty amazing, especially someone as busy as Patrick. Everyone is fighting some kind of battle every day, and some people are fighting battles for others. Having a celebrity we admire join the battle, even if it’s just for a photo-op, is uplifting.

  • So much to love! 1 of 6

    The obvious reason to adore Patrick is, well, let's just be real here - the man is easy on the eyes. So let's just say that's what first grabbed your attention, the McDreaminess of it all. Now we've got five MORE reasons for you to love him!


    Image Credit: Hollywood Reporter

  • Dempsey isn’t leaving Grey’s (so far). 2 of 6

    Yes, Patrick did tell a ballroom full of people his real passion isn't acting, but racing — and that certainly got everyone FREAKING OUT that he was leaving the show this season. But so far only Sandra Oh has officially announced her exit to Grey's Anatomy. Paul Lee, ABC's programming chief, has said he plans on having Patrick around for "many years."


    Image Credit: PCN Photos, Grey's Logo from Wikimedia

  • Dempsey cares about quality coffee. 3 of 6

    Earlier this year Patrick saved Tully's, a West Coast coffee chain. The coffee company was most likely going to be just fine, if you consider "just fine" to be "purchased by Starbucks." What Patrick and his investors did was outbid Starbucks. When asked about Tully's competing with Starbucks, Patrick said, "We have no desire to be Starbucks. We want to appeal to consumers that do not want Starbucks. I think there's a great opportunity for expansion."


    Image Credit: PR Photos, Tully's Logo from Wikimedia

  • Dempsey is taking you with him on his race. 4 of 6

    On August 28 you can see Patrick in a totally different way. Velocity will be airing Patrick Dempsey: Racing LeMans, a documentary about his intense preparation for, and then participation in, the 24 hour race. Yes. A 24 hour race! When talking about his love of racing Patrick says, "I just love it. I've loved it since I was a kid. You're really testing yourself. You're going into your own fears and anxieties…And certainly the sense of fellowship and camaraderie. That's what I love the most."


    Image Credit: PCN Photos

  • Dempsey opened up the Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing. 5 of 6

    Founded in 2008, the Patrick Dempsey Center for Cancer Hope and Healing recently moved to a much larger facility in Lewiston, Maine. Patrick says, "I learned a lot during my mother's illness. I found out how important it is to have access to good, reliable resources to help the patient, family members, and caretakers. After this experience, I knew that I wanted to make a difference, to give back to the community that helped my mom through her cancer journey."


    Image Credit: PR Photos, Dempsey Logo

  • Dempsey Met Team Bluebird. 6 of 6
    Patrick Dempsey with Team Bluebird

    Yup, there's a reason to love Patrick Dempsey! That's Patrick pointing to the Team Bluebird shirt after talking to Erin about our friend JJ and her battle with melanoma. Erin also fought skin cancer. She caught it early and has been cancer free for years.


    Image Credit: Erin Charlton Achey

    Shirt design and marathon running and general awesomeness: Lindsay

    Currently kicking cancer's ass: JJ

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