7 Irish Bands You Need to Listen to Right Now

It’s March: month of all things Irish! Get ready to meet 7 Irish bands that will get the entire family excited about St. Patrick’s Day. Chances are you and your family are probably stuck in a rut when it comes to Irish music. Maybe you are blissing out to Celtic Women or swaying to classic lilts about Irish eyes smiling.

The truth is most folks stalled out with U2 and The Cranberries. That’s ok, those are some solid bands. It can be a Beautiful Day, But do you have to let it linger?

(See what I did there?)

Ireland didn’t stop churning out musicians when Bono crossed the pond. At the end of the rainbow there is a fantastic and thriving music scene happening.

These are the 7 Irish bands you need to be listening to right now.

(Why 7? Because 7 is lucky of course!)

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  • Come On Live Long 2 of 8

    Start here on your journey to discovery. Come On Live Long's Little One's is the kind of song that will get into your bones. Beautiful vocals that build. 

    LISTEN TO THIS: Little One's

    image credit: Boyle Arts

  • Wonder Villains 3 of 8

    Ready for some serious pop? Wonder Villain's TV is catchy and perfect bop along music. (Seriously adorable band.)


    image credit: Wonder Villans

  • Lecs Luther 4 of 8

    Time for some rap. Oh yes, you heard me. Lecs Luther is smooth as it gets. is catchy and perfect bop along music. (Seriously adorable band.)

    LISTEN TO THIS: Trumpets

    image credit: Lecs Luther

  • This Club 5 of 8

    Formerly known as the Irish band Hoarsebox, This Club is famous for this earworm that took over the UK last year. 

    LISTEN TO THIS: I Won't Worry

    image credit: Too Famous To Get Fully Dressed

  • Tara Masterson Hally 6 of 8

    For something truly special you have to check out Dublin's Tara Masterson Hally singing in the basement of a bank. This is one of those quiet moments that will feel like a discovery.

    LISTEN TO THIS: Lingering

    image credit: Stop The Lights

  • Two Door Cinema 7 of 8

    Two Door Cinema Club are a Northern Irish Indie Rock band that are starting to get some real air play in the states. Get to know this band now.

    LISTEN TO THIS: What You Know

    image credit: It's All Indie

  • Cashier No.9 8 of 8

    I really love the sound coming from Cashier No. 9. Let me put it this way, if you dug Beck's Odelay you will find yourself responding to Cashier No. 9.


    image credit: Cashier No. 9

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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