8 Ways Prince William Would Make His Mother Proud

In August it will be 16 years since new-dad Prince William lost his own mother. Princess Diana was a doting mother, beloved by William and Harry, who were only 15 and 12 when she died tragically in a car accident.

Happy occasions like marriage and the birth of his child must feel a little bittersweet for Will, since his mom isn’t there. Kate wears Diana’s diamond and sapphire ring. I’m reminded of Diana whenever I see it.

At age 31, Prince William is now a strapping, attentive, accomplished young father. Diana would have been so proud of him . . . and delighted to be a grandmother, I’m sure!

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  • Prince William Changes Diapers 2 of 9
    Prince William, The Duke and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge leave the St MaryÂ’s Hospital with their baby Prince in London

    When Will and Kate emerged from St. Mary's Hospital to show off their new son, Will happily admitted that he has already tackled diaper-changing.

    He also carried the baby in a car seat and skillfully secured the car seat in the back seat. This can be tricky your first time. He must have practiced! Princess Diana would have loved her son's devotion to the baby and all the plans and preparations that he made.

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  • Prince William is Trained and Educated 3 of 9
    Prince William, Duke of Cambridge leaves after attending Lady Melissa Percy and Mr. Thomas van Straubenzee's wedding at St. Michael's Church in Northumberland

    Prince William is not one to rest on his royal laurels. He obtained a degree from the University of St. Andrews. He trained as an officer and pilot in the British Military, and he received further training as a helicopter pilot for the Search and Rescue Force.

    Moms hate it when their children loaf about. Diana would be proud that her son worked hard to legitimately make his way in a career he enjoys.

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  • Prince William Married Well 4 of 9
    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry attend the launch of the Warner Bros Studios in Leavesden, Hertfordshire

    It seems that Diana would have loved Kate Middleton. Kate and Will dated for years and their romance is genuine rather than "arranged." Diana would have insisted that Will marry for love. Kate is classy and poised with just a little pluck. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge make a very nice couple.

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  • Prince William is Attentive and Thoughtful 5 of 9
    FIRST PHOTOS! Prince William, The Duke and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge pose with their new baby boy outside the Lindo Wing of St MaryÂ’s Hospin Loin London

    Will seems to have his mum's gentle nature. He is attentive with his wife, watching the ground as she walked down the steps when they emerged from the hospital with the baby. His understated personality never overshadows her in interviews or appearances. And he does seem to be a thoughtful gent. When he met the crowds of photographers and well-wishers at the hospital he said, "I'll remind [the baby] of his tardiness when he's a bit older because I know how long you've all been sat out here. Hopefully the hospital and you guys can all go back to normal now and we're going to look after him."

    So well-mannered.

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  • He Bucks Tradition 6 of 9
    Prince William, The Duke and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge show their new baby boy to the press outside the Lindo Wing of St MaryÂ’s Hospital in London

    Prince William loaded his wife and new baby into the car and drove himself home from the hospital like a regular Joe. Will is a prince for a new age. While fully trained in and respectful of tradition, occasionally Prince William will buck tradition by being a bit more hands-on then his father was. Maybe he's all too aware of the isolation his mother felt as a result of some of these royal traditions, and wants to make sure his wife is not overwhelmed by them.

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  • Prince William is a Humanitarian 7 of 9
    Prince William and Prince Harry arrive for the official opening of 'Help for Heroes' at  Tedworth House recovery centre in Tidworth, England

    Diana cared about humanitarian efforts and taught her sons to be aware of the suffering of others. Prince William has volunteered for humanitarian efforts that help the armed forces, children, the elderly, art, sport, and conservation.

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  • Prince William is a Well-Rounded Guy 8 of 9
    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Glasgow as a part of a two-day trip to Scotland

    Though he surely bears some scars of losing his mother, Prince William has turned into the active, bright, well-rounded young man that his mom would have hoped for. Diana wanted her boys to have a wide range of experiences so they wouldn't grow up isolated in the bubble of royalty. She took them to Disney World and McDonald's so they would have a variety of experiences to draw upon and could relate to others. Diana would be pleased to see the easy camaraderie Will shares with his brother Harry, and I'm sure she would be honored that Kate wears her ring.

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  • People Love Prince William 9 of 9
    Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William visit the offices of child bereavement in London

    Our prince Will is enormously popular—not just among the Brits, but worldwide. We've watched him grow up and maybe we feel a little protective of him because he looks so much like his mother. People seem to root for him and wish him well, even as we secretly relish a bit of schadenfreude when it comes to other celebrities.

    There is just no question that Prince William has done his mother proud.

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