9 Sweet Family Traditions from the Cast of Stuck in the Middle

Image source: Disney Channel
Image source: Disney Channel

Whether it’s baking cookies for the holidays or having pizza every Friday night, many families have their own special traditions they hold close to their hearts. And TV families are no different, which you’ll see on Disney Channel’s new show Stuck in the Middle.

Stuck in the Middle chronicles the hilarious Diaz family, which consists of SEVEN kids. Poor Harley is the middle child, the self proclaimed “Wednesday” of the family. We can’t wait to watch the chaos that only a big family like this could endure.

We had a chance to catch up with the stars of the show to gain some insight on their personal family traditions!

1. Baking cookies during Christmas

Jenny Ortega, who plays Harley Diaz in the show, explained that her favorite family traditions include baking cookies during Christmas and spending time with her family on Thanksgiving. She said, “I love family get-togethers because we always have a good time talking, laughing, and attempting to bake without our mom’s help.”

2. Horseback riding with Dad

Isaak Presley (Ethan Diaz) also loves Christmas time, but is happy to spend any holiday with his dad. Presley told us, “We like to go ride our horses for hours along all the trails where we live.” We bet that’s a very relaxing way to spend time together.

3. Watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

We can’t help but get on board with Kayla Maisonet’s Thanksgiving tradition. Maisonet, who plays Georgie Diaz in the show, explained, “My favorite family tradition is watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and the dog show in my PJ’s, with the smell of my mom’s cooking in the background!”

4. Eating dinner as a family

While the holidays are always a special time, Ronni Hawk (Rachel Diaz) had a more casual family tradition — eating dinner together. She said, “One of my family traditions I value most is eating dinner together. This is when we get to talk about our day and spend time together.”

Image source: Disney Channel
Image source: Disney Channel

5. Riding bikes together

Nicolas Bechtel, who plays Lewie Diaz in the show, opened up saying, “My family and I are very close. It’s me, my mom, dad and sister (Nicole). We like to do things together because we’re apart a lot. We ride our bikes and go to the beach.” It’s always nice to spend time with your family doing something active.

6. Building forts in the woods

Is there anything better than being adventurous with your family? Malachi Barton (“Beast” Diaz) told us he loves visiting his family in Virginia and Ohio for Christmas. He said, “We ride horses, 4-wheelers, and build forts in the woods.” Can we come next time?!

7. Wearing matching pajamas on Christmas

Meanwhile, Ariana Greenblatt (Daphne Diaz) shared some more traditional ways she and her family spend time together, noting, “My favorite family traditions are wearing matching pajamas or onesies that we open on Christmas Eve. We also eat 12 grapes on New Year’s Eve at 11:59 PM, right before the clock strikes midnight — 12 grapes for every month of the year for good luck.”

Image source: Disney Channel
Image source: Disney Channel

8. Upholding Italian traditions

Cerina Vincent, who plays Suzy Diaz, gushed about how important her family’s Italian traditions are to her. She said, “Christmas Eve is huge with Italian families. We have a traditional Italian Christmas Eve dinner with shrimp, fish, homemade pasta — it’s a lot of courses, a lot of food, a lot of personalities, and a lot of love. And, it’s my absolute favorite day of the year!”

9. Eating at their favorite Brooklyn restaurants

Joe Nieves (Tom Diaz) revealed the not-so-traditional ways he spends time with his family, explaining, “My favorite family traditions are performing holiday monologues with our non-acting family (they are always hilarious), making my family’s Christmas cards (they have become legendary!), and my wife and I have a tradition of hitting all of our favorite food spots while back in Brooklyn (there are about 10 of them!).”

For a preview of  Stuck in the Middle, tune in to the Disney Channel on Feb. 14 at 8:45 PM EST. And you can catch regular episodes starting March 11 at 9 PM EST on Disney Channel.

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