9 Ways to Celebrate Day of the Ninja

On December 5th you will become a ninja. We all will. Day of the Ninja is coming! Did you just get a little bit excited? Ninjas have been a part of film and pop culture for decades. We think of them as being stealth warriors with impressive sword-wielding skills. Ninjas are also a quick and easy go-to disguise. Just slip on a face mask, and you are instantly transformed.

I’ve watched friends and family battle all kinds of things this year. I plan on taking advantage of Day of the Ninja to celebrate the victories with them. In the movies my favorite Ninja scenes are the ones where a swarm of Ninjas suddenly enter the picture and the bad guys realize they are out numbered. Oh, yes, do I have ninjas in my life! And I bet you do, too.

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    Celebrate Ninja Day

    I know for some of you, every day is a Ninja kind of day. I see you out there taking on the world and being a warrior. For the rest of us, we can embrace our ninja selves on December 5th. I've got some fun ways to get one leg up on the celebrating. 

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    If you are looking for a fun way to introduce ninjas to your kids, you know, before Turtle Power becomes something you hear about every moment of every day, these books are just the ticket. The Three Ninja Pigs is a clever retelling of the classic Pigs vs. Wolf story with the primary exception being martial arts training. Geared for kids aged nine and up, Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja is a fun series of books by Marcus Emerson meant to excite kids' imaginations.


    Get The Three Ninja Pigs from Amazon, $12.88; get Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja from Amazon, $2.99

  • Toys for Ninja Day 3 of 10

    We have JUST discovered the world of Lego Ninjago in my house. My son is a huge Lego City fan, and we happened to notice the Ninjago series in our suggested viewing section on Netflix. We both crack up over the antics the Ninjas get into. The toy sets are a bit too intricate for him this year, but I am keeping my eyes on them for later. 


    The G.I. Joe "Retaliation" series has a lot of Ninja action figures. Amazon has a big selection available for sale.


    Get the Lego Ninjago set from Amazon, $40.79; get the GI Joe Ninjas from Hasbro, $9.99 each

  • Kid Movies for Ninja Day 4 of 10

    My son calls these guys the "Tina Engine Turtles," and I will be really sad the day he stops. I thought the first film was too serious and too tough for a kid's film, but The Secret of the Ooze is completely silly Ninja fun. The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie, also featuring Ooze as a character, is considered a classic now. (Gasp!) If you have kids who are fans of the TV show, they will love the old-school special effects.


    Get The Secret of the Ooze from Amazon, $5.00; get The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie from Amazon, $5.49

  • Grown Up Movies for Ninja Day 5 of 10

    Both The Wolverine and Batman Begins feature multiple fight scenes where the main characters battle ninjas. Watch this great fight scene from Batman Begins.


    Get The Wolverine from Amazon, $19.96; get Batman Begins from Amazon, $3.00

  • Meet Scott Adkins on Ninja Day 6 of 10

    This is very un-ninja like of me, but boy is Scott Adkins dreamy. The actor became famous because of his great martial arts skills. I have only seen clips of scenes from Ninja , but Scott's work stands out. Ninja II Shadow of a Tear comes out in the U.S. at the end of the month. 


    Get Ninja from Amazon, $5.99; pre-order Ninja II on Amazon, $21.23


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  • Silly Movies for Ninja Day 7 of 10

    This is more my speed for Ninja Day! I actually can not stop laughing over the title of the Hulk Hogan movie. It's as if someone put a bunch of movie name ideas in a bag and at the end of the day they said, "Let's just use ALL of them!" To get an idea of how AWESOME this film is, watch this brief scene from 3 Ninjas High Noon at Mega Mountain


    Chris Farley is at his Chris Farley-best in Beverly Hills Ninja. It's completely silly and ridiculous and Chris Rock isn't in it enough, but Ninja Day is a fine day to revisit this one.


    Get 3 Ninjas High Noon at Mega Mountain from Amazon, $8.03; get Beverly Hills Ninja from Amazon, $10.12

  • Music for Ninja Day 8 of 10

    For some ninja music that has absolutely nothing to do with being a ninja, you can thank The Blue Oyster Cult for their Club Ninja album. It's a very underrated album, but one of the standouts is "Dancing in the Ruins" — have a listen.  Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction released a tour sampler which has been called the NIN|JA album. Listen to "Non-Entity" from NIN on the NIN|JA tour sampler.


    Get the Club Ninja album from Amazon, $14.50; listen to "Non-Entity" on YouTube

  • Quirky Ninja Day 9 of 10

    If you want to get quirky with celebrating Ninja Day, you can learn some facts about the New Haven Ninjas. An arena football league for just one year (2002), this team certainly is a contender for best helmet art.  If you have $1.99, you can head to YouTube and watch an episode of The Simpsons where Bart dresses up as a Ninja. My quirky Ninja needs are a bit more flighty. I am completely in love with these Ninja bird decals from Alba Bordes. Created on "eco-friendly fabric" each decal is just over $50.


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  • Gifts for Ninja Day 10 of 10

    • For the ninja in need of light: a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Lamp from Amazon, $18.60

    • For the ninja in need of adornment: a Ninja necklace from Etsy, $4.99

    • For the ninja in need of company: Ninja bath ducks (12 of them) from Amazon, $9.36


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According to Ask a Ninja, Day of the Ninja is a way to include Non-jas (Non Ninjas) into their Ninja life.

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