9 Ways to Celebrate Nobel Prize Day

December 10th is Nobel Prize Day. The world will pause to celebrate great achievements in peace, physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, and economics. The official ceremony takes place in Oslo with fantastic events and concerts leading up to the moment when awards are presented. According to the Nobel site, “His Majesty the King of Sweden, hands each Laureate a diploma, a medal and a document confirming the Nobel Prize amount.” (It is estimated that each winner will be receiving $1.2 million.)

Things to note about this year’s ceremony:

Nobel Prize Time1. This is the first year ever the banquet will be “Ecolabelled.” Everything involved in preparing and presenting the meal has been environmentally certified.

2. The winner of the Nobel prize for Literature, Alice Munro, will not be in attendance because of poor health. Her daughter, Jenny Munro, will be at the ceremony in her place.

3. You can watch the Nobel Prize Award Ceremonies LIVE on the web! Eat your breakfast while watching the ceremony happen in Oslo. The webcast will be live starting at 13:00 CET (that’s 7am in Philadelphia).

Read more about the life of Alfred Nobel and the history of the Nobel prize on the official Nobel prize site. The site is beautifully put together and very engaging for parents and kids. I am looking forward to celebrating this week with my son, who LOVES to ask “Why?” and “What’s next?” and “How come?” with any luck he could be destined for Oslo some day!

How to Celebrate Nobel Prize Day

  • How to celebrate Nobel Prize Day 1 of 10
    How to celebrate Nobel Prize Day

    It may not be a day on your calendar, but it is a fun day to celebrate. Don't get me wrong, I love a great award show with movie stars, but it doesn't provide as much fodder for fun parenting moments as the Nobel Prize ceremony. It's time to get excited! Put your nerd hats on, people!


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  • Music from Sweden 2 of 10

    Let's start with a little dance party to get everyone in the mood. Most of us instantly think of ABBA when we think of music from Sweden, but there have been some fantastic artists from that part of the world. The New York Times travel section wrote up a great and helpful guide to the music scene happening in Sweden. If you are looking for a starting point, allow me to point you towards The Hives and Shout Out Louds


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  • Be inspired by Nobel women 3 of 10

    Feed your mind and get inspired by some incredible stories of female Nobel Peace Prize winners. Reading about the battles some of these women have fought will propel you into action. Just reading Eve Ensler's forward to My Name is Jody Williams made me want to jump off the sofa and DO SOMETHING.  The powerful story of Leymah Gbowee will give you shivers. In her memoir, Mighty Be Our Powers, she details how she literally saved the world. I'm telling you — SHIVERS.  Looking for the ultimate gift to give a powerful woman in your life? Champions For Peace will be released on December 16th and it tells the story of all 15 women who have won the Nobel Peace Prize.


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  • Raise a Nobel Kid 4 of 10

    Did you just look over at your kid and wonder, "How can I help him achieve Nobel greatness?" Ive got three ideas for you:


    1. If you have an older kid who is smart phone-savvy, this Nobel phone case is the ultimate daily inspiration

    2. Peter Doherty has written The Beginner's Guide to Winning the Nobel Prize. Doherty won a Nobel in Medicine and in his book, he explains what his life was like as a young scientist. 

    3. The Nobel site has 46 sections geared towards education to engage young minds. This collection includes 29 interactive games. YES! Actual games for your kids to play on the Nobel website. Start with the Electrocardiogram game


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  • Nobel for the kids 5 of 10

    Even more for kids! The Nobel site recommends several books for kids. If you are looking for a great introduction to what the prize is and brief bios on some of the past winners, you will dig The Nobel Prize. For an exciting science book you have to check out What's Physics All About? (Please do pause to appreciate how fantastic the book cover is.) This is one of those books you will want to have on hand to answer the inevitable "Why is the sky blue?" questions.


    For hands on fun, Zome Tool has some of the most fun science-based kits I have seen. This DNA building kit is a perfect gift to give a budding question asker. (Be prepared to spend some time gawking at the stuff on their site.)


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  • Nobel dolls 6 of 10

    Maybe you need some inspiration on your desk or perhaps you want to gift a doll with a story? Nobel bobble-heads are pretty much a no-brainer way to tell the world, "I am smart too." This handmade Marie Curie from TwiceLoved's Etsy site is so lovely it would make a wonderful gift or a conversation piece.  Put your Nobel dolls on display on December 10th!


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  • Quirky Nobel gifts 7 of 10

    You may not be winning a Nobel this year, but you can celebrate the day by wearing "Stockholm" lip cream from NYX. Find a fun Nobel-inspired shirt for you or your kids to wear. This cute one from Nordstrom is currently sold out, but there are many Marie Curie shirts to be found. I read an article last year about chocolate being linked to winning Nobel Prizes. Clearly eating chocolate should be on the agenda for December 10th! Find out where the closest chocolate is thanks to the chocolate map!


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  • Nobel-inspired jewelry 8 of 10

    Sparkle a little brighter on Nobel Prize Day with this jewelry from the Nobel Museum. The necklace is inscribed with the December 10th date on it. The ice crystal earrings are said to have been inspired by the Russian winter and are replicas of the Nobel necklace created by Anna Pihl.


    Image credit: Nobel museum

  • Watch Nobel movies 9 of 10

    There are several movies to watch on December 10th if you are looking to honor Nobel Day. I remember watching The Race for the Double Helix when I was a kid, and it completely helped me understand the concept of DNA beyond a textbook. A Beautiful Mind is based on the real life of John Nash who won a Nobel Laureate in Economics. It gives a glimpse into how Nash's brilliance was also a parallel to his paranoid schizophrenia. In 1982 Gabriel García Márquez won the Nobel Prize in Literature. Love in the Time of Cholera is based on one of his books.


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  • 2013 Nobel in film 10 of 10

    This year, there are two films to watch if you want to honor a 2013 winner of a Nobel Prize. Particle Fever tells the story of scientists looking for the origin of matter, also known as "The God Particle." The particle was found in 2012 and is called Higgs boson. Two of the three founders (the third has passed away) are being awarded with a Nobel on December 10th.  Alice Munro is a short story writer who won a Nobel Prize in literature in 2013. She wrote the story that the award winning movie, Away From Her, is based on.


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