This ’90s-Themed Podcast Will Bring You Back to Middle School in All the Best Ways

Earlier this year, 32-year-old Randi Bergman cleaned out her childhood bedroom and stumbled upon a gold mine: Buried deep within her closet was a time capsule she’d created way back in 1998, when she was just 13 years old. It was packed with all sorts of late-’90s relics, like ticket stubs to Titanic, mixed tapes full of Spice Girls and Beastie Boys songs, and even a bunch of those impossibly tiny elastics we all used to wear around our braces. It was basically a time portal back to her middle school days, and digging through it was so entertaining, it soon led her to create an Instagram account called @Capsule98, which quickly went viral (for obvious reasons).

“Talking about the capsule always sparked so many organic conversations, both nostalgic and hilarious,” Bergman tells Babble. “Childhood memories are an endless source of content.”

That’s precisely what inspired Bergman to dig even deeper into all that collective ’90s nostalgia and launch Capsule ’98 the podcast this month, in which discusses pop-culture milestones of the decade, both big and small.

The podcast’s first episode hit iTunes just last week, and let me tell you — if you’re a millennial old enough to remember the days when Elijah Wood was everything and toilet-papering houses on the weekend was what kids did for fun … then it’s pretty addicting. In the episode, Bergman chats with Dan Levy, co-creator of Schitts Creek (oh, and son of Eugene Levy!) about everything from over-hyped singles of the decade (ahem “Chumbawumba”) to forgotten movies we used to be obsessed with (like A Little Princess!).

As you might imagine, talking about ’90s stuff for an hour is pretty damn fun. (Almost as fun as listening to it.)

“It’s probably the most fun you can have!” says Bergman, who adds that 50 percent of her everyday convos end up in the podcast, “one way or another.”

Though only one episode is ready for listening so far, Bergman says she plans to release a new one every two to three weeks. And considering ’90s nostalgia is particularly en vogue right now — as evidenced by all the ’90s shows that have gotten (or are rumored to be getting) reboots in the last year alone — it couldn’t come at a better time.

“I remember being so excited about it when it came back into fashion in 2014,” says Bergman of all the recent ’90s love, “and I think the fact that it’s stayed relevant for so long is a testament to how much it’s deeply affected so many people.”

And now that podcasts have gone even more mainstream (thanks, Serial!), going the podcast route was more or less a no-brainer. Bergman notes that ’80s and early-’90s kids are “the first generation that can really go to town online with their nostalgia” and that “there was never such a sophisticated platform” for this kind of a show before — until now.

And we’re so glad there is.

Visit iTunes to check out the Capsule ’98 podcast and relive your youth, or scroll through Bergman’s Instagram account @Capsule98 to see what else she discovered while digging through her memory box last year.

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