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A 9-Year-Old Reviews Disney Infinity 3.0

Thanks to Disney Infinity for providing me with the Infinity 3.0 Edition to review. 

“You’re not like a normal mom,” my 9-year-old daughter declared, “and that’s a good thing!”

This was her response to me asking, nay, begging her to play video games with me. She is under the impression that most moms see gaming as a frivolous pastime, while her own mom (me), doesn’t just approve (in moderation of course) but enthusiastically joins in … especially when the game in question is Disney Infinity.

Disney Infinity is one of those games that parents can get into as much as the kid, which, when you are looking for a modern day bonding experience (and coolness points in your child’s eyes), is just the thing.

So it was a bit like Christmas in the Chanel household when we received the Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition, which features the premiere of Star Wars characters and worlds. The Disney Infinity 3.0 Edition Starter Pack comes with the Twilight of the Republic experience and is packaged with Anakin Skywalker and Ahoska Tano (side note: the Disney Infinity team knew it was important to include a female character in the launch, which as a mother of a gamer daughter, meant a lot to me).

New characters are also available to bring into your Disney Infinity universe, including Sadness and Disgust from Inside Out, Peter Pan, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Sam Flynn and Quorra from Tron, Hulkbuster and Ultron from Marvel, Mulan, and Olaf. Each character has its own special abilities and skills from floating on clouds to mad sword skills.

I personally LOVED the new Disney Infinity 3.0. But what did my girl think of all the new features?

Star Wars on Disney Infinity

Last year, my daughter fell in love with a story that I’ve held dear to my heart since I was her age. Yes, I finally convinced my girl that Star Wars is TOTALLY AWESOME. She has a pair of Star Wars Vans, we have the occasional light saber battle using empty wrapping paper tubes, and last May the 4th, we did her hair in Princess Leia side buns. The force is strong with this one. Needless to say, when she was able to battle baddies in the droid factory on Geonosis and set her sights on exploring the planets of Coruscant, Naboo, and Tatooine, she was in gamer bliss. While the battle kept her on her toes, what she really liked was going on the quests such as searching for a missing toy or playing hide and seek with a baby Chewbacca, who she declared was “so cute!!!!”

More Girl Power

Being a girl gamer, my daughter is all about the female characters. Quorra, Ahoska Tano, Mulan, and Joy are all new powerful characters that debuted with Disney Infinity 3.0. She thought Quorra’s character in the game was so awesome that we rented Tron: Legacy so she could see what this “super cool-looking” lady was all about. She really appreciated Mulan’s fighting skills (she had great training), and opted to use Joy several times for her long jumping abilities.

Inside Out Playset

To say that we liked Pixar’s Inside Out would be an understatement … we LOVED Inside Out! The Inside Out playset for Disney Infinity allows you to be Joy or Anger (you can add on Sadness, Fear, and Disgust) and takes you deep into Riley’s mind where you solve puzzles, battle broccoli, bounce on buttons, and tiptoe across clouds. It’s a whimsical and colorful world with action and adventure. Playing as Joy brought my girl, yes, much joy!

Toy Box Takeover

“I loved it when we were in the Alice in Wonderland garden and you were Maleficent and I was Elsa, and we had to fight stormtroopers! That was crazy!” As stated by my girl, that’s pretty much Toy Box Takeover in a nutshell. The Toy Box Takeover is a way to expand your gameplay — with elements from Marvel, Disney and Star Wars — while in the Toy Box. We rescued a horse in the Old West, looked for coins in the Pirates of the Caribbean area, and saved citizens in a city inspired by Marvel. In particular, my girl liked how your sidekicks in Takeover and the Toy Box can assist in battles and help you out in various ways. “I love how Mable (from her favorite show Gravity Falls) can be your sidekick! She’s super so cool! Plus I love how she looks in a Viking helmet (yes, you can dress up your sidekicks).”

The Enhanced Toy Box

The Toy Box itself has many enhancements. My daughter was super into adding rooms for her various sidekicks in the interiors section of the Toy Box. Mable ended up with a stylish rug and a video game in her space. Since our family is obsessed with Disneyland, we really enjoyed the addition of new toys, such as Main Street storefronts, the Mad Hatter’s Teacup, and a Splash Mountain log.

My daughter loved the Radio Disney Player as well. This can be placed in your Toy Box and will LIVE-STREAM Radio Disney. Yup, that’s right, while my girl created buildings and enhanced her play area, she could rock out to the likes of Sabrina Carpenter, Becky G, and the soundtrack of Disney’s Descendants.

But wait there’s more …

There’s still so much to do and discover! Over the last several days before my daughter starts 4th grade, we spent a good amount of gaming and bonding with each other. And you know what? We hardly scratched the surface. There is so much more engaging play in store for us (especially when the upcoming Rise Against the Empire and The Force Awakens playsets are released later this year). It really proves that the name Disney “Infinity” makes sense.

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