A Taylor Swift Breakup Primer

Taylor Swift, America’s sweetheart, has charmed us not only with her talent but also with her forthcoming lyrics about all her breakups. We want the dish and she happily obliges. Good girl. My daughter knows all the songs and the boys they are about. So we put together a little primer for you.

  • Joe Jonas 1 of 8
    Joe Jonas
    Forever and Always was Taylor's first tell-all. Jonas was not so gentlemanly and broke up with her notoriously in a 27-second phone call.
  • John Mayer 2 of 8
    John Mayer
    Dear John was a not-so-anonymous burn on John Mayer who said, "It was a really lousy thing for her to do." Oh boo hoo, John Mayer. Grow up—Oh wait, you did: 12 years before Taylor Swift was born.
  • Kanye 3 of 8
    Ima let you finish, but Taylor decided to forgive Kanye for interrupting her VMA acceptance speech in her generous Innocent.
  • Taylor Lautner 4 of 8
    Taylor Lautner
    Your TAN skin? Who else could Back to December be about? Certainly not Team Edward.
  • Jake Gyllenhaal 5 of 8
    Jake Gyllenhaal
    One of the best break up songs, like, ever. We Are Never Getting Back Together is allegedly about Maggie's little brother.
  • Adam Young 6 of 8
    Adam Young
    Meeting Adam Young at his Owl City concert was, according to Taylor, Enchanting.
  • Connor Kennedy 7 of 8
    Connor Kennedy
    Dating a Kennedy was a no-brainer for Taylor. Too bad it turned out so Treacherous
  • Harry Styles 8 of 8
    Harry Styles
    Taylor has supposedly written FIVE songs since her fling with Harry. She's treading on stalker-y ground, but I hope it's true because I can't wait to hear the details!

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