Adele Covers Spice Girls and Nicki Minaj in Amazing Carpool Karaoke

James Corden of The Late Late Show has a series he does on his show that we absolutely love. It’s called Carpool Karaoke. Essentially, he picks up famous musical artists in his car — One Direction, Mariah Carey, Stevie Wonder, they’ve all done it — and as they drive around town, they talk and sing along to their biggest hits.

Yes, it’s as delightful as that sounds.

Since he started doing it, we’ve seen some really great ones, for sure. But, as she tends to do, Adele just totally blew them away. I mean, it’s nearly 15 minutes of Adele and James Corden driving around a rainy London, singing not just her own hits but those of the Spice Girls and Nicki Minaj! This was almost too much for us.

While it would be our worst nightmare for the incomparable Adele to hear the way we just absolutely mutilate her songs when we sing them alone in the car, obviously James Corden can hold his own. Not only that, but he simultaneously conducts an awesome interview where we learn so much about our beloved “A-bomb.” Such as:

  • When Adele drinks too much wine she will approach fans and offer to buy them things.
  • James thinks Adele is the female “Phil Collins” (in a good way).
  • Adele played the drums on Hello.
  • Adele is a really big Spice Girls fan (who isn’t?!).

Watch the full clip above to find out more, like what childhood hero left Adele “heartbroken” and what she plans to name her next album. We promise you’ll fall even more in love with these two than you already are.

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