Little Girl’s Airport Tantrum Turns into an Epic ‘Moana’ Sing-Along

You’d never believe that a child’s meltdown could result in an incredible Disney sing-along, but it did.

Seattle, Washington writer Seanan McGuire had no idea what she was in for when heading to the airport just the other day. But she sure knows how to capture a story in 140 characters or less. It all started when McGuire was witness to a young girl taking real umbrage at her mom’s choice of entertainment for the trip.

That seems fair enough. Not everyone likes the same movies you know, Mom! But things really pick up from there, and thanks to McGuire’s keen sense of humor, this Twitter tale just gets better and better. First up: Dory versus Nemo!

The young lady at the heart of the story certainly makes some valid points that are hard to argue with, no? Especially if you’re a little girl looking for some inspiration from a cinematic heroine. Is that so hard to pull off?

McGuire’s sharp-witted, real-time updates then present a situation all too familiar to every parent alive. Why does HE (or SHE) get to watch what they want and I don’t? Oh jeez, the conundrums of raising kids. Then the mom in the middle of all this rolls out a tried and true classic, according to another one of McGuire’s play-by-play tweets.

Now, at this point we would all probably be justified in thinking that this little drama is going the way that a million other kid dramas go, every day all over the world. Someone has to hush. Someone has to accept the inevitable. And quite possibly, in the name of peace, someone has to receive a bribe in the form of an airport terminal Cinnabon or, at the very least, an overpriced candy bar.

But oh no. Not this time. It’s very, very different. In the spirit of brotherly love, an airport turns into a real-life Disney movie.

That’s right. The kids start singing a song from Moana. But wait — there’s more. As it turns out, other people who have been watching events unfold don’t tuck their face into a magazine or phone. They join in. They sing. With the kids. McGuire included, for better or worse.

It’s the stuff of Hollywood, from there on out. The daughter leads the airport strangers in one song, the son leads them in another. People from distant lands all brought together in one comical, awesome moment.

McGuire soon notes that the older Japanese woman has a wonderful singing voice. And that several of these passengers look as if they’d adopt these two kids given half a chance. All while the mom looks on, probably astonished and confused at the same time. In the end, McGuire (she’s a writer remember) ends her Twitter story as strong as she started it — with a nod to the growing sing-along crowd. And a near perfect exit.

Her work might be done alright. But let’s hope she stumbles into more magic as soon as possible. We can all use the smiles.

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