Alyssa Milano Found “Mistresses” Set Breastfeeding Friendly


Alyssa Milano needed to look no further than the set of her new show Mistresses for a family-friendly workplace.

“Everyone had to be very patient with me when we filmed the pilot of the show because I was still breastfeeding,” Milano told People. “Every two hours they shut down production for 20 minutes and allowed me to pump, which was lovely … and odd.”

After filming a pilot several years in a row, Milano has a viable series on her hands with Mistresses. The show films in L.A., allowing her to bring 20-month-old son Milo to work, and its large ensemble cast means she has more time off-set with him as well.

“That I get to work with all of these great people also means that I get a couple days off a week so I can be with my child,” she said.


Milano plays attorney Savannah (“Savi”) Davis  on the ABC drama, who has an affair with a colleague , played by Jason George. Yunjin Kim, Rochelle Aytes, and Jes Macallan play Savannah’s closest friends (with Macallen as her sister.)

Milano feels that working is a way for Milo “to see his mother being fulfilled and productive,” and says she doesn’t worry about the possibility of him choosing to pursue acting as well.

“If it’s something that he wants to do and explore, I think I have to be supportive of that,” she says.

Milano tweeted throughout Monday’s Mistresses premiere, sharing that she brought her son to work with her every day during filming, and making sure to point out the reason why she had to pump on set:


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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