Amber Tamblyn’s Instagram Photo Is Every Breastfeeding Mom Everywhere

In this crazy world that casts public breastfeeding as shameworthy, we moms get pretty darn excited when we spot a famous lady using her influence to give nursing a positive spin. This is part of why we LOVE Amber Tamblyn. This Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star is sassy, smart, and clearly an amazing mom.

Recently, she took to Instagram to post a candid shot of herself wearing a milk-stained gray t-shirt. This top looks like something I would wear, not a beautiful starlit. In her caption, Tamblyn wrote, “Who Wore It Better? Left tit or right tit? #MilkLife #StarsTheyreJustLikeUs!” Her post has racked up over 14K likes and 300 comments, most of which have been extremely supportive.

Her Instagram account is full of feminist posts, so regular followers are already accustomed to her signature humor and edgy copy. So when she dared asked who wears it better, the comments rolled in!

One user pointed out how unfair it is that breastfeeding is such a polarizing subject. “This perfectly captures motherhood and breastfeeding in all its glory! I can’t even mention breastfeeding in front of my brother-in-law without getting side eye and the ‘Ok, that’s enough, we don’t talk about that’ comment,” she wrote. “Please keep doing what you’re doing @amberrosetamblyn and let’s continue to #normalizebreastfeeding!”

Another mom revealed her breastfeeding struggles. She commented, “I envy that! I had such a hard time with milk production in the beginning. The first time I leaked through my shirt I celebrated. Lol. You go mama!”

And one mom reminisced about nursing. “I miss those days, they were hard, but I miss the bond I had with my baby boy. Him falling asleep from [a] milk coma and me just watching him. It’s a beautiful moment,” the user wrote.

It is crazy that in 2017, positive breastfeeding images like Tamblyn’s are newsworthy because it means that it’s still not normalized in our American culture. With her wit and humor, she was able to take a hot button issue and flip it on its head, making breastfeeding funny, relatable, and normal — which is what it should be!

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