Amber Tamblyn on Having Her Husband Try Her Breast Milk: “This Is an Honorary Thing”

The seriousness that goes into caring for a baby is enough to really stress a new parent out. Thankfully, mamas like Amber Tamblyn are bringing delightful levity to one of the most serious topics of new parenthood: breastfeeding.

Whether it’s sharing a milk-stained shirt on Instagram or the hilarious sign a co-worker placed on her “pump room” door, this awesome mama doesn’t hold back.

In a recent US Weekly interview, the actress chatted about letting hubby David Cross try out her breast milk. While he was a bit shy at first about tasting the stuff, Tamblyn set him at ease.

“At first he was like, ‘I’m not so sure about this.’ I was like, ‘This is an honorary thing that husbands have to do — [ to] drink their wives’ breast milk'” she shares.

Tamblyn, who is a mom to 3-month old daughter Marlow, goes on to say that Cross enjoyed the taste of her milk much more than he thought he would.

“I was like, ‘Have one sip.’ And he drank the whole thing,” she tells the magazine.

On the show Watch What Happens Live, Tamblyn reveals to host Andy Cohen that Cross tried out the milk after she had some whiskey one night and needed to pump and dump. After Cohen shows a piqued interest in the topic, Tamblyn asks him if he wants to taste it.

“I pumped when I got here earlier because I came from work. Want me to make you a White Russian?” she jokingly asked the host.

Cohen gamely agrees, and tries out the milk. Turns out that much like Cross, he also enjoys the taste of breast milk a wee bit more than expected!

“It’s very sweet. It’s sweet… Wow I’m shvitzing. Can I have more?” Cohen said.

Tamblyn doesn’t shy away from joking about it all, goading Cohen to chug the milk and playfully sharing that she has also tried her dear friend Blake Lively’s breast milk.

“So if that went through me, you’ve technically had Blake’s and my breast milk together,” Tamblyn jokes.

Before you get all “what the what?” let’s just take a moment to think about this.

If we’re being really real here, I’ve totally let my husband try my breast milk. And I’ve tried it, too. For anyone wondering, it tastes a lot like almond milk. I’m vegan, so maybe that’s why! (I kid, I kid.)

Now, not all of my mama friends share my ease around letting their hubbies taste their milk. One friend simply laughed at me when I told her. Another made it abundantly clear that she was opposed to even letting her husband near her breasts while she was still nursing. Another friend even got squeamish, telling me she puts her milk in the same category as certain new foods she refuses to try because they seem weird!

And I get it. The idea of sharing our breast milk for fun sounds a bit odd at first. I think it’s because we usually associate our milk with nourishing a vulnerable young baby. I definitely had a moment of worry when I first let my hubby and I try it, thinking, “How can I waste this precious resource? Doesn’t my daughter need every drop of this stuff for herself?”

But honestly? The main reason both my husband and I tried it was sheer curiosity. And when we both allowed ourselves to satisfy that curiosity, something awesome happened: we realized my milk was as natural to drink as just about anything else.

My husband even remarked that many of us drink the milk of an entirely different species, so maybe we can loosen up over having a few sips of my milk. The stigma I had placed on my breast milk as only reserved for the call of motherly duty was lifted. I even lightened up a little around nursing after I tried it and the experience just helped me relax about it all.  

For my husband, trying it out gave him a fun chance to know exactly what we were feeding our kiddo. Being a dad can often feel isolating, especially in the beginning if a mom is consumed with nursing a small baby much of the time. By letting my husband in on this part of parenthood, we bonded and he felt more involved.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting we all need to share a cup of breast milk with our partners to feel connected as parents! But for me, the act of trying what I was feeding my baby eased my early motherhood journey a bit. It helped make breastfeeding not only less taboo to discuss, but something we could laugh about and connect over in our household. And shouldn’t the topic of nursing be easy to talk about anyway?

So, rock on Amber Tamblyn. Thanks for reminding us that regardless of the purpose, breast milk is a totally natural thing. I’d personally take a cup of almond milk over my own, but I fully support anyone wanting to give it a shot.

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