This Photo of America Ferrera Reunited with Her ‘Sisterhood’ Crew Will Make Your Heart Happy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last 24 hours (and considering how your New Year’s went, that’s certainly possible), America Ferrera is pregnant — and the world is pretty dang excited about it. The actress took to Twitter on New Year’s Eve to share the happy news, along with a photo of herself holding up a onesie next to her husband, Ryan Piers Williams.

Image Source: America Ferrera/Twitter

And then on Tuesday, another exciting update came along for fans when Ferrera’s BFF and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants co-star Amber Tamblyn shared a touching photo on Instagram — of the entire Sisterhood crew hanging out and touching Ferrera’s belly in excitement.

“Didn’t think anything could beat starting off the new year with the #TIMESUP Legal Defense Fund initiative yesterday,” Tamblyn wrote in her caption, “but then … ”

The #TIMESUP initiative Tamblyn mentions refers to the newly-launched effort to help fight systemic sexual harassment, both in Hollywood as well as in workplaces throughout the nation. It’s drawn the support of over 300 female actresses, talent agents, writers, directors, producers, and other entertainment executives, including Tamblyn and Ferrera.

But as Tamblyn notes, it’s certainly not the only thing the women are excited about in 2018.

The photo proves yet again that Tamblyn and Ferrera, along with Blake Lively and Alexis Bledel, have stayed true friends in the 13 years since they began filming the first installment of the popular teen movie. And since then, they’ve gone on to watch each other fall in love, get married, and have babies.

“From the first film, we got along so well that we all try to get together whenever we’re in the same city,” Lively told Good Morning America back in 2008. Though their tight-knit friendship isn’t necessarily because they share a ton in common — in fact, Tamblyn has shared that they all are very different, much like their on-screen characters. But ultimately, they meet in the middle.

“It’s so funny because some of us have nothing in common,” Tamblyn told PEOPLE. “Even just Blake and I, her understanding of fashion is beyond me and I’m constantly texting her pictures like, ‘Should I wear this?’ … I think we all give to each other and share with each other.”

And while life has certainly gotten far more busy for the ladies over the years, it’s clear they still make their friendship a priority. They also reunited earlier this year in May for Tamblyn’s directorial debut of Paint It Black, and perhaps more notably, last January, when Lively shared a screenshot of the ladies Facetiming on New Year’s Eve.

Isn’t it awesome to know they’re just as tight in real life as they are on screen? Best of luck to Ferrera on her first pregnancy, and here’s to seeing more of these ladies in 2018. With rumors still flying about a third Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie, it’s certainly possible!

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