Amy Poehler’s Making Her Directorial Debut with ‘Wine Country’ and It’s Going to Be Epic

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Everyone’s favorite chill partner, Netflix, took to Twitter yesterday with an epic teaser video announcing Wine Country, an upcoming project that just might be the new Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. But hilarious. And more inappropriate. And with more swear words. And for 40-year-old moms who love to go away to drink wine with their besties. AND OH YEA, it’s directed by AMY POEHLER and includes an A-LIST cast of female SNL alums!

The video, posted by Netflix on Wednesday, showed Poehler and castmates casually hanging out in their pajamas and singing along to “Whenever I Call You Friend” by Kenny Loggins. This is where I calmly pretend that that song isn’t already on all of my girl’s getaway mixes…

OMG, now I need to sit down. SHUT UP, Barbara! I’m not crying tears of joy, YOU’RE CRYING tears of joy!

A film about all of our wanna-be SNL besties, drinking wine together and making us laugh while we drink wine and laugh with our real-life besties? Did I just fall into a pleasure vortex? Is Willy Wonka about to walk in with golden tickets for everyone? What a time to be alive!

According to CNN, the online network announced that filming for Wine Country, Poehler’s directorial debut, will begin later this month in California’s Napa Valley. The film, written by SNL alums, features lots of your favorite leading ladies from the show, including Tina Fey, Maya Rudolph, and Rachel Dratch. Poehler also will act in the film. No release dates have been mentioned at this time. But, I’m like, being totally chill about it. *Shakes excitedly*

The film is said to be about a 50th birthday weekend getaway, according to The Hollywood Reporter. UM, I guess my invite got lost in the mail, but it’s cool, Amy Poehler. We’re still cool.

We’ve all seen Bad Moms and Girls Trip, but I’m confident that this movie will take that genre to the next level with this top-notch cast of hilarious all-star female comics WHO ARE, OH YEA, REAL LIFE BESTIES.

Even though there’s no release date yet, when I say I’m going to be ON THIS like my Aunt Mary on a bottle of Riesling, you best believe I mean serious business. Tickets will be PRE-ORDERED. Oh yes, THEY WILL BE PRE-ORDERED. Stay tuned, besties!

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