An 8-Year-Old Judges Oscar®-Nominated Movies by Their Posters!

Has my 8-year-old daughter seen Dallas Buyers Club, American Hustle or The Wolf of Wall Street? No, no, and hells no. This year there isn’t a single Oscar®-nominated movie up for Best Picture that would be age-appropriate for my little second-grader — not a single one. (And she really doesn’t understand why Frozen wasn’t up in the Best Picture category, even after I told her it was nominated for Best Animated Feature.)

For fun, I asked my opinionated little girl to give her best guess of what she thought the nine Oscar®-nominated films for Best Picture were about. According to her, they include adventures, scientists, dancing, and a funny monkey.

See what she had to say right here:

  • An 8-Year-Old Judges Oscar®-Nominated Movies by Their Posters! 1 of 10
    Oscar Films

    See what this second-grader has to say about these Oscar®-nominated films right here...

  • Dallas Buyers Club 2 of 10
    Oscar Dallas Buyers Club

    "This movie is about cowboys in the future. They are trying to buy the city to become mayor."


    Find out what Dallas Buyers Club is really about here!


    Photo Source: Focus Features/Dallas Buyers Club

  • The Wolf of Wall Street 3 of 10

    "It's about a businessman who goes on a really big adventure somewhere, but it doesn't make sense that he's a wolf. He's a person, he is not related to a dog. Oh, and on the adventure there are funny monkeys."


    Find out what The Wolf of Wall Street is really about here!


    Photo Source: The Wolf of Wall Street/Universal

  • Nebraska 4 of 10

    "This movie is about an old scientist. The poster doesn't show much about what it is about, but I bet it takes place in Nebraska because the movie is named Nebraska. If it didn't take place in Nebraska, that would be weird. And it looks really, really boring."


    Find out what Nebraska is really about right here!


    Photo Source: Nebraska/Paramount

  • American Hustle 5 of 10

    "This looks like a cool movie, and it looks like it would be funny because they are dressed funny. And it has the Enchanted lady in it! I think they might be dancers, so it's probably a musical."


    Find out what American Hustle is really about right here!


    Photo Source: American Hustle

  • Gravity 6 of 10

    "Oh, I know what this one is about! It's all about astronauts in space and they have a spaceship that crashes! And someone falls out of the spaceship and it's scary."


    Find out what Gravity is really about here!


    Photo Source: Gravity/Warner Bros

  • Her 7 of 10

    "I know what this one is about, too! It's about a guy with a mustache who falls in love with a computer and that's totally weird! The poster doesn't say that though, but I saw the commercial once. The poster really isn't interesting. It's just red with a picture of the guy, which is really boring."


    Find out what Her is really about here!


    Photo Source: Her/Warner Bros.

  • Captain Phillips 8 of 10

    "It's about a guy who is in the Army or something. But the Navy Army not the Army Army. It's a drama story; you can tell because the guy looks so serious. And it's based on a true story, and anything based on a true story is usually sad."


    Find out what Captain Phillips is really about here.


    Photo Source: Captain Phillips/Columbia Pictures

  • Philomena 9 of 10

    "This is about a guy who hangs out with an older lady. They travel ALLLLLL over the world on a plane going on adventures. It says on the poster that she is looking for her lost son, but I think the movie is more about all the fun they have."


    Find out what Philomena is really about right here!


    Photo Source: Philomena/Fox

  • 12 Years a Slave 10 of 10

    "This movie is about a guy who was a slave for twelve years ... DUH! It's the name of the movie so it's easy to figure out what it is about. In the movie the white people aren't treating him very well and are mean, and he doesn't like it so he tries to stop it and he runs away. It's probably a really sad movie."


    Find out what 12 Years a Slave is really about here!


    Photo Source: 12 Years a Slave/ Fox 

Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons/lincolnblues

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