Singer Andy Grammer Picks Up Stranger’s Check, Has Unexpected Heart-to-Heart

Sometimes in life, we experience a moment when we are prompted to do something without knowing the reason why. At that point, we can either choose to act on our feelings or put them aside.

Singer-songwriter Andy Grammer recently experienced one of these moments. While eating breakfast at a restaurant in New Hampshire, he ended up having a transformative experience with who he describes as a group of “SUPER CUTE elderly ladies.”

Grammer wrote a Facebook post about the encounter, saying the five women seated at a table on the other side of the restaurant made him think of his own mother, who he lost nine years ago.

Suddenly, he had an inkling to do something out of the ordinary.

“I don’t know why but it made me miss my mom hard and I felt a strong urge to pick up their check,” Grammer wrote.

After paying for their meal, Grammer said he was just going to leave, thinking that sometimes it’s better to do something nice without asking to be acknowledged.

However, something was telling him to go over to the table.

“Something felt like I should tell them I missed my mom; like they might like to hear that,” Grammer explained.

What happened next is proof that we never fully know how much a kind deed may mean to another person.

Grammer says that he told the women:

“You are five of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever seen. I lost my mom awhile back and something about seeing you made me miss her this morning so I’m getting your check.”

Immediately, he said, one of the woman stood “with arms wide open” and told him, “COME HERE, I lost my son and really needed this.”


We could all use more ‘sweet moments’ in our daily lives, and sometimes, it’s up to us to act on our intuition to make them happen.
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Grammer ends his post with this realization: “She gave me a mom hug I needed and I gave her a son hug she needed. We are all so connected.”

The post has gone viral, with over 33K reactions and 6K shares. It even reached Mary Conant, who was the woman he hugged. In a sweet comment and accompanying photo on the post, she wrote, “Your Mom sent you to us today.”

Grammer tells Babble that the experience proved to him “how connected we all are with each other.”

“I feel like these interactions do happen but we explain them away, thus downplaying the magic in this life,” Grammer says.

He also says he feels grateful to have had this interaction with these women, especially Conant.

“She was a sweet lady,” says Grammer. “I’m glad I had the courage to open up to her. It takes guts to be vulnerable with a stranger like that, but in my experience, most everyone is open to sweet moments.”

Absolutely! I think we could all use more “sweet moments” in our daily lives, and sometimes, it’s up to us to act on our intuition to make them happen.

After all, Grammer could have noticed those women that day, had a moment remembering his mother, and let it go at that. Or, he could have paid their check (which is a wonderful gesture) and walked out the door. Yet by choosing to act on that voice in his head, he ended up creating a healing moment for himself and a woman who lost her son.

Grammer tells Babble that he plans on telling his daughter about this experience one day “when she’s old enough to recognize how sweet it was.” By sharing this moment with his family, and online, he is showing others what can happen when we choose to act on our promptings.

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