Getting Animated for Planes: Fire and Rescue — My Day as a Voice Actress

Planes: Fire and Rescue - my day doing voiceover work

When I found out I was going to experience what it was like to be a voice actress on Disney’s Planes: Fire and Rescue, I could not contain my excitement. For years I have daydreamed about being a voice on a cartoon. Within the daydream I was also assuming such a job was relatively easy. No need to memorize your lines, no need to get fitted for wardrobe or spend hours in a makeup chair. Some stars even had studios within their homes, so if I was really successful, I could simply roll out of bed and talk for a living. DREAM JOB. Right?!

I eagerly walked into the booth with swagger. How hard could this be? I just read the lines on the paper and then the animators will match up what I say to the animation. Little did I know that the lines I’d be reading were that of Dipper, a new character in the film. Lil’ Dipper is a super scooper plane from Alaska, and she is one of my favorites in this sequel.

It took one take for me to realize voice acting is unlike anything I had imagined. It is fast paced. There IS memorization. You may not be spending hours in makeup, but you should be prepared to spend hours jumping around and moving. I loved every minute of it.

Julie Bowen expertly voices the character of Dipper for the big screen, but I’d like to think I made a pretty solid understudy.

Planes: Fire and Rescue is rated PG for “action and some peril” and opens in theaters on July 18th.

Planes: Fire and Rescue — in the recording booth:

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