Anne Hathaway Gives Ellen the Rundown on How Exactly a Pee Pee Teepee Works

Moms of boys can definitely relate to Anne Hathaway’s recent (and hilarious) comments on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The star swung by Thursday with her co-star Jason Sudeikis, and found herself giggling through an explanation of what exactly a “pee-pee tee pee” is.

Hathaway, who plays Gloria in the upcoming comedy, Colossal, put on quite a performance as she tried to describe (without busting up) how one of the most sought-after baby shower gifts actually works.

“The tee-pee goes into the pee-pee, so that way when the pee-pee happens, the tee-pee absorbs it,” explained Hathaway.

But even after that totally scientific explanation, DeGeneres was still left a bit … well, confused.

“The tee-pee goes on the pee-pee?” she asked. “Oh, I thought the teepee would put the pee-pee back on the baby,” DeGeneres continued, with a laugh. “I thought it went up and then came back down like, ‘Ah, gotcha!'”

That’s when Sudeikis jumped in and attempted to provide more clarity.

“It looks like a little party hat on the pee pee,” he shared, before pondering the real million dollar question: “Why don’t they have those for adults?”

And in true Ellen fashion, she had the perfect comeback: “Who wouldn’t want a party hat for their pee-pee?” she asked.

As I watched the clip, I found myself in tears as I recalled the many (many) attempts my husband and I made to control our own son’s “flow” — especially in the middle of the night. And like most parents, that tee-pee was used once, and never again.

During the segment, Hathaway also shared that she and her husband Adam Shulman just celebrated the first birthday of her son, Jonathan Rosebanks Shulman. But before she decided on a theme for the March 24 birthday, she admitted she made a mistake all moms make at one point or another: She consulted Pinterest for ideas.

“I went on Pinterest and looked at other people’s 1-year-old parties,” she said. “It’s not fair what some people do. You know, some party planners have children, which is definitely not fair — think about it! They blow it out.”

And her co-star couldn’t agree more. “It’s like a commercial for ’em,” added Sudeikis, who shares two children — 5-month-old Daisy Josephine and 2½-year-old Otis Alexander — with his fiancée, Olivia Wilde.

“It’s like, ‘Look what I can do for your kid.'”

In the end, Hathaway decided to keep things “low-key,” and went with a rainbow theme — which sounds pretty adorable, if you ask me.

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