Annie Movie Jumps into Social Media — The Sun Will Come out Tomorrow

Annie Movie Gets Social: the sun will come out tomorrow
I’m not exactly sure when it happened, but at some point within the last couple of months, “We Got Annie.” Those of you familiar with the Broadway production and the 1982 Annie movie know EXACTLY what I am talking about. The songs are without a doubt classic, and once your kids learn them, you should be prepared to hear them. Often. I was thrilled to find out that an updated Annie movie was happening. Shows written for the stage are always great with new interpretations, and seeing Annie in contemporary New York sounded brilliant.

Quvenzhané Wallis stars as Annie in the new film to be released later this year. Jamie Foxx plays the Daddy Warbucks character, who has been renamed Will Stacks and reimagined as a self-made tycoon and mayoral candidate. In early spring of this year, the first trailer for the film was released and I could not wait to show my son. What I was surprised about was the reaction on social media to the trailer.

The first trailer posed the question, “What will tomorrow bring?” Breanna Edwards’ article, “Annie’s Black Now. Get Over It,” responded:

What would be truly remarkable and truly a sign of that ‘tomorrow’— to this writer, at least — is if a black Annie didn’t cause a stir within social media. And if a black Annie (or an Annie of any race) was just normal enough that no one even batted an eyelash about the details.

There was a lot of very intense energy and anger at the casting of Quvenzhané as Annie. For whatever reason many people could not imagine the character of Annie as anything except a very pale girl with curly red hair. (Crushable rounded up a couple of the tweets if you can’t fathom what a racist Tweet against the Annie movie looks like.)

A new trailer has now been released that showcases more of the plot and less music. I enjoyed the comedy in this new trailer a great deal, and I am guessing that has a lot to do with director Will Gluck. Gluck is the also the director behind fan favorites Friends with Benefits and Easy A.

With the release of this new trailer, the film has also quietly stepped into social media. They set up a Twitter account which is pretty quiet, but what caught my eye was their Instagram. Within the last few days they have started sharing these charming (and very shareable) images. This is such a smart move on their part as Instagram is a very popular platform for teens and millennials. I am hoping the more they share and connect with potential fans on social platforms, the more enthusiastic and chill people can be towards change.

Watch the trailer for the new Annie movie:

Annie will be released on December 19th and is Rated PG for some mild language and rude humor. The film is produced by Will and Jada Pinkett Smith and Jay Z.

Image Credit: Instagram

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