8 Totally Awesome Odes to R-Rated Movies by Pixar Artist

Josh Cooley isn’t just an amazing talent, he has a sly sense of humor. The Pixar artist has created a gorgeous series of odes to classic R-rated movies, new and old, and has paid tribute to them in the style of a children’s book. And speaking of books, he now has one!

His book, Movies R Fun!: A Collection of Cinematic Classics for the Pre-(Film) School Cinephile is coming out on February 25th (you can get all the details from Amazon right here) and features his children’s book-styled versions of films like Jaws, Pulp Fiction, The Shining, and many more. They really are a great marrying of sweet style and scenes that are intense, raw, and very R-rated.

Check out a sampling of his work right here. And bonus: You can buy prints of many of these directly from him right here.

  • The Shining 1 of 8

    A classic scene from Stanley Kubrick's classic, The Shining. Whether on film or in animation, those twins will ALWAYS be creepy.

  • Pulp Fiction 2 of 8
    pulp fiction

    Yeah, this is just creepy done in this style!

  • No Country for Old Men 3 of 8

    This movie would not be good for the kiddies.


  • Fargo 4 of 8

    He pays an artistic ode to this, well, TOTALLY insane scene from Fargo.

  • Clockwork Orange 5 of 8
    clockwork orange

    Ultra-violence? No thank you, but this print is pretty cool!


  • Drive 6 of 8

    Yeah, not suitable for any kid's book, like ever.

  • Jaws 7 of 8

    This Jaws print, well, it's pretty darn perfect.

  • The Big Lewbowski 8 of 8
    big lebowski

    Yeah, this ain't no fairy tale!

Photo Source: Cooley: The Store

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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